General secretary has written an open letter to all those who demonstrated on 16 April, and calls on CP members and supporters to work with PA activists and help take the PA into every locality.

On Saturday, more than 150,000 people marched through central London under the banner of the People’s Assembly. The message was clear: 'Against Austerity - for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education'.
The level of anger at this Tory government was captured in one banner, 'Corrupt and treacherous', but it was a message repeated in each of the ten marching blocs, which swelled as the march progressed. 
The People’s Assembly has become the rallying point of many tens of thousands of progressive people, trade unionists and activists. Its demonstrations are amply supported, especially by the young and those coming into activity for the first time. 
I am writing on behalf of the Communist Party's executive committee to congratulate all those who marched. Wherever I looked I saw Party members and supporters, active in every bloc, union and community campaign. I want to thank those CP members and supporters for their efforts to mobilise support for the march. And we should also congratulate the mobilising role of the Morning Star, which has given support to the PA since its inception. This underlines the case for all communists, socialists and People's Assembly supporters to buy the paper every day, to reciprocate the support it gives us all.
The Communist Party believes that it is now possible to take the PA to a new level of activity. In the coming weeks, the PA will launch a programme - In Place of Austerity: A Programme for the People - which will have a broad appeal and could, through your activity, have a significant impact on the political life of the country. 
With this programme as a rallying point for so many, there is the capacity to take the PA into every village, town and city in England, Scotland and Wales. We can bring new forces to unity under the banner of the PA. We can make it a rallying point to unite progressive forces in all working class communities. We ask you to consider working with others to establish community and workplace PAs where they don't already exist, and to strengthen them where they do. 
The CP brought to the demonstration a special message. Behind the Party's main anti-austerity banner, we marched under a new one bearing the slogan: ‘Leave the EU - Power and Sovereignty to the People’. This message was warmly supported along the route and drew large numbers of people filming and taking pictures.  
The coming months will see many dramatic political shifts and turns. For the first time in four decades, the people are going to be allowed a say on the EU. The ruling class greatly fears the outcome of the June 23 referendum. As Kenneth Clarke confirms, a defeat for big business and the City will force Cameron and probably Osborne to resign. Whoever takes over may be 'more right wing', if that's possible, but they would preside over a Tory government and party that is in deep crisis, making possible an early General Election (which the Fixed-term Parliaments Act DOES provide for).  
In the coming months, the Communist Party calls on all members and supporters to work with the Lexit Left Leave and Scottish Left Leave campaigns against the EU and to reinforce local PA groups, armed with the case for an alternative to austerity.
Yours in comradeship,
Robert Griffiths
General Secretary