Communists to the Labour Movement: Join the fight on the big and strategic issues

Communist trade unionists met in London for a weekend school to discuss the economy, Britain and the EU and the union struggle against cuts to public services and to defend pensions. In a second day session, members met in a broad range of Advisories and Commissions to analyse CP policy and the state of the workers' movement by industry and sector.

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Griffiths on 2012

ROBERT GRIFFITHS considers the labour movement's prospects in 2012 - ADVANCE IN  UNITY NOT RETREAT IN DISARRAY

Where stands Britain's labour movement at the beginning of 2012?

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Communist joint statement on pension struggle

A special issue of the journal UNITY, which includes a joint statement of the Civil Service Advisory and the Industry, Services and Transport Advisory steering committee of the communist party is now available. It is being distributed throughout the civil service unions and amongst members of Unite involved in the pensions struggle.


School to get to grips with strategic challenges facing Labour Movement in 2012 and beyond

On February 11th and 12th, the Communist Party will host its annual School for CP trade union activists and supporters at its Head Offices in Croydon. The School will be held over a weekend to allow time for speeches, discussion, an important briefing session and contributions from participants. Sessions will include a review of 'The State of The Nation' in the context of the struggle against the impact of the capitalist crisis and for socialism. 

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