CP TRADE UNION and POLITICAL CADRE SCHOOL 2011: Communists call for spirit of 1945

Communists and supporters from across Britain met at the weekend to analyse, debate and plan how best to step up the struggle against the ConDem coalition government. Read on for a selection of reports of the conference carried in the Morning Star.

If you are involved in the anti-cuts movement or are a union member and want to find out more about the CP or join, go here.

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NEWS INTERNATIONAL: 25 years on still pressing for press freedom

On Tuesday night, a full 25 years to the day when Rupert Murdoch provoked action which resulted in a year long strike, hundreds of printers gathered to express their continuing defiance and struggle for press freedom. A meeting, convened by the NUJ, represented by Jeremy Dear, UNITE represented by national and local officials involved in the dispute, representatives of the engineers and Fleet Street electricians, and the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom gathered at the Printer's Institute in St Bride's Lane. The meeting warned of the dangers if Murdoch is allowed to take over BSkyB. The meeting events will be followed by an exhibition launched in Clerkenwell this coming 1 May.

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