Workers Unite! Fight for work! Rebuild industry!

Read on to view key points of CP policy aimed at promoting unity between workers and the fight for work! These go beyond the immediate and provide positive ideas which could begin to roll back capitalism.

■ Repeal the Tory anti-trade union laws

■ Abolish offshore tax havens

■ Agitate for negotiation of a new Multi-Fibre Arrangement and extend such an arrangement to other major manufactures and primary products

■ All companies should be required to recognise a trade union environment representative who will work at all levels to ensure that production is sustainable and environmentally sensitive to the needs of consumer and producer alike

■ The Government should commission major public works that strategically serve the economy and communities

■ Emergency measures should be taken to promote employment of 18-24 year olds

■ Require transnational corporations in Britain to have their accounts audited by an expanded National Audit Office

■ Introduce new insolvency laws and procedures and establish a new government agency to facilitate worker takeovers of insolvent businesses

■ Strengthen the International Department of the TUC to promote communication between workers employed by the same transnationals worldwide and the enforcement of international labour standards

■ Establish a new department within the TUC to advise on worker takeovers where companies are threatened with closure

■ Bring arms manufacturers under public ownership to facilitate conversion into civilian production, research and development and Longer-term goals

■ Re-introduce capital controls

■ Introduce a new Bill of Rights for employees

■ Negotiate a new international trade policy that promotes trade without undermining other countries’ economies

■ Expand the role of the Department for Business, innovation and Skills enabling it to support manufacturing at every level

■ Support measures which restrict the operation of the EU such as CAP, CFP and the rulings of the ECJ with a view to withdrawing Britain from this ‘Employers International’

■ Work with unions and Department of Business, Innovation and Skills workers to specifically consider a progressive trade policy with Africa, which is linked to extending minimum labour standards.

■ Forge links between industrial unions and those representing workers in the Department for Business, Innovations and Skills to engage the need for it to change direction

■ Establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the operation of the Modern Apprenticeship Programme with a remit to expand the range and number of apprenticeships available and transform the early years work experience of young people

■ Bring together industrial and agricultural workers in forums to develop a food programme for Britain aimed at regenerating our rural areas

■ Work with trade unions to develop a programme for the protection of jobs and workers aimed at the regeneration of British industry

■ Support moves toward an economy based mainly on common ownership, including publicly owned enterprises and worker-owned co-operatives.