IWD 2011 - Iran

Women and the Struggle for Equality, Freedom and Social Justice - Speech of the representative of the Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women.

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Robbing the poor to protect the rich

More than a million women took part in last week's historic strike against the government's great pension robbery writes Louise Nousratpour in Morning StarVirtually every cut that has been announced by the Con-Dem government has hit women hardest.

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WOMEN: A world struggle for liberation

That the struggle for women’s equality and freedom from oppression is a thing of the past, a battle won, something ours mothers and their mothers did is one of the most cruel untruths of our time, observes Liz Payne, CP Women's Organiser. [Photo courtesy: Mina Boromand]

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International Women's Day: London marks women's day

Leading communist women gathered in London this weekend to celebrate International Women's Day as an important day for the working class to assess the achievements of the past year and prepare for challenges ahead.

An international panel of women representing several countries' Communist Parties brought greetings to a packed meeting at Marx Memorial Library writes Louise Nousratpour in todays Morning Star.

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