facebook down NDJComrades will have noticed, that as we were approaching the registration of 10,000 followers, Facebook has unilaterally and without reason, unpublished our Communist Party page.

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Winter 2015 Communist Review published

Winter 2015 edition of Communist Review is now available. As you would expect, in true CR tradition, key issues in homespun and international politics are subjected to critical and constructive scrutiny.

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PRAXIS: New journal available from Marx Library

Praxis is a new journal which seeks to combine Marxist theory and practice. 

It is the in-house journal of the Marx Memorial Library, grounded in more than 70 years’ work to establish a distinctive Marxist tradition within British scholarship, public and political life.
Each issue showcases current Marxist thought, alongside historical articles, news and views from the trade union movement, and snapshots of a resurgent radical culture. 

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