Praxis is a new journal which seeks to combine Marxist theory and practice. 

It is the in-house journal of the Marx Memorial Library, grounded in more than 70 years’ work to establish a distinctive Marxist tradition within British scholarship, public and political life.
Each issue showcases current Marxist thought, alongside historical articles, news and views from the trade union movement, and snapshots of a resurgent radical culture. 
In an age dominated by neoliberalism, it is needed now more than ever. With the growing appreciation of the environmental and economic problems facing the globe, a more balanced view of – and interest in – Marx and Marxism is emerging among thinking people. 
It is becoming increasingly clear that the most powerful analysis of capitalism and its discontents is to be found within the Marxist tradition. 
Achieving a proper understanding of the problems facing us is an obvious precondition to being able to solve them. In this shared enterprise, Praxis plays a central role. 
Published three times a year, the journal is available direct from the Library (for £3.50 an issue) or from all good radical booksellers. 
The point, then as now, is not just to interpret the world – but to get on and change it!