A new launch this month of a digest of 21centurymanifesto postings is now available in an e magazine format. The journal is free and you can subscribe here. 21 centurymanifesto deal with political strategy, history and the much neglected field of cultural analysis. It's a must read.

The first issue includes:
War and anti-war  Andrew Murray on new dangers and the failure of the ‘war on terror’
History made by the Pentonville 5  Graham Stevenson reflects on a day the balance of class power shifted 1
Understanding the crisis  Zoltan Zigedy gives a Marxist account of the economic crisis
Police in for a good hiding Nick Wright on the unravelling of an unholy alliance
A defence of Stalinist art policy  Mark Jones explains why much of socialist realist art is valued
Syria’s agony is far from finished Kenny Coyle on imperialism and Syria’s agony