'David Cameron defends Tory Party unity and his paymasters in the City of London, not the workers and peoples of Britain', Graham Stevenson told the Communist Party of Britain's political committee on Wednesday.

'The Prime Minister knew that signing up for the Bonn eurozone accord would have triggered his pledge for a referendum, shattered the Con-Dem coalition and led to referendum defeat and a general election', Mr Stevenson pointed out.
'Rather than provoke such a scenario, he calculated - rightly - that the LibDems would put their fear of a double wipe-out above their pro-EU fanaticism', he added.
'Both coalition parties want to defend British and US banks and hedge funds in the City from further EU regulation and a transaction tax, and both are committed to an austerity and privatisation programme that is destroying public sector jobs and services'.
The CPB political committee was meeting against a background of rising unemployment in Britain, as figures were announced showing that 67,000 jobs have been abolished in the public sector over the past quarter, only 5,000 have been created in the private sector, and more than one million young people are without work.
'In such conditions, and after millions of workers demonstrated their anger and solidarity on November 30, the Labour Party leadership should be standing up for the people of Britain and rejecting bankers diktats from both the City and the European Union', Mr Stevenson declared.
'Instead, Ed Miliband's feeble prevarications allow Cameron to pose as some latter-day Queen Britannia', added the CPB Greater Midlands district secretary.
Britain's Communists welcomed reports that trades councils are considering a series of initiatives in the New Year to challenge mass unemployment and promote the People's Charter, and that London Morning Star readers and supporters are planning an all-Britain labour and progressive movement conference in London on March 17.