'Austerity may be working for big business profits, but it's not working for the three million people unemployed across Britain', Anita Halpin declared at the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday evening (May 22).


She emphasised the need for a strategic approach to job creation, including not only immediate increases in the national minimum wage, pensions and benefits, but also a reduction in the working week and the state pension retirement age.
'The corporate tax dodgers are costing us billions of pounds a month in lost revenues - money that could be invested in new public sector housing, health, education and other vital infrastructure projects', the Communist Party's trade union organiser pointed out.
Ms Halpin attacked the role of the European Union in preparing the framework for reducing the state pension age and slashing welfare budgets across the continent.
'It beggars belief that any intelligent trade unionist can still believe in the great "Social Europe" myth', she argued.
'The EU commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Find are coordinating the austerity and privatisation drive throughout the eurozone, rescuing German, French and British banks by plunging millions of workers into unemployment and poverty', she insisted.
Britain's communists expressed their solidarity with the Portuguese Communist Party's call for 'an exit from the eurozone with socialist policies' and reaffirmed their support for a referendum and Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.
The party's international secretary John Foster explained that - unlike countries outside the EU - Britain and other member states were enmeshed in treaties and directives that enshrine monetarism, privatisation and the market power of the capitalist monopolies at the core of the European Union.
'The labour movement's slogan here should be "No to the anti-social European Union, for an exit with socialist policies', he suggested.

The CP political committee also decided to:

Accept an invitation from RMT general secretary Bob Crow to discuss a joint left and labour movement approach to the 2014 EU elections.
Hold a bilateral meeting with the Greek Communist Party (KKE) during the G8 summit in Belfast on June 15.
Support the Fire Brigades Union in its campaign against the massive cuts in facilities and personnel proposed by Sir Ken Knight last week in his review of the service.
Express solidarity with the Communication Workers Union whose members are conducting a consultative ballot for industrial action on Royal Mail privatisation and other issues.
Warn against fresh attempts by the British and French governments at the June 3-4 EU-Russia summit to openly breach the arms embargo on arms supplies to Syrian opposition forces.