At a meeting of Party organisers in London this week, Communist Party of Britain chairman Bill Greenshields called on all Party members to further step up their efforts for the People’s Assembly on June 22nd, and to ensure that every community, village and town as well as every trade, profession and union is well represented.

Bill Greenshields stressed the fact that the huge Assembly has “the potential to play a big part in turning the tide strongly against the Tory led ConDem Coalition.” He predicted that after the London gathering, “People’s Assemblies will spring up around Britain, building firm links between communities, campaign groups and trades unions… and developing conditions in which the current public anger against “austerity measures” will see the development of coordinated and generalised strike action and civil disobedience as working people defend themselves against the continuing capitalist class attack. It will help restore political representation of the working class, so long denied in Parliament.”


The Communist Party, one of the original signatory organisations that called for the People’s Assembly in a letter to the Guardian in February, will play a very full part in all its activities, national and local, and is urging its members – particularly those involved in Trades Union Councils and the People’s Charter – to accelerate the local work to ensure its success.

The Party organisers meeting went on to:

• welcome the very positive response around Britain to the current Party national tour of public meetings – “Capitalist Crisis, Socialist Solution” which is taking place in 35 towns and cities

• finalise plans for Party “New Members’ Schools”

• approve plans to recruit new university students in the Autumn

• put a deadline for completion of the program for “21st Century Marxism” – the Party’s weekend of debate, education and culture

• send a solidarity message to the Turkish Communsit Party, and call for a demonstration outside the Turkish Embassy in solidarity with the Turkish Communist Party and the Turkish people – to take place at lunchtime on Friday 7th June at 12.30pm