'Does the Labour Party leadership actually want to win the General Election?', Communist Party chair Bill Greeneshields asked at a meeting of the communist party executive at the weekend.

He told the CP executive that it has been Labour's 'undeserved historic role' to defeat the Tories in General Elections, but that the labour movement will have to force the party to win next May.
'At their recent conference, the Tories revealed what their next government would inflict on the working class and people of Britain - the wholesale destruction and privatisation of public services and the welfare state, perpetual war and the biggest attack on civil liberties and trade union rights for decades', Mr Greenshields declared.
In particular, he warned that Home Secretary Theresa May's proposals for dealing with 'extremists' who act within the law but who challenge her notions of 'democracy' and 'British values' present a real potential danger for socialists, communists, trade unionists and militant campaigners of every kind.
'Margaret Thatcher also railed against the so-called "extremism" of those she called "trained Marxists and their fellow travellers", although even she stopped short of suggesting Britain's withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights', Mr Greenshields remarked.
'The problem is that Labour's response to all these existential threats has ranged from feeble to non-existent', he charged, accusing Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls of keeping the party in a pro-austerity stranglehold.
In these circumstances, it was not surprising that some people were swallowing the 'easy answers' being offered by the United Kingdom Independence Party to real problems of unemployment, poverty, poor housing and underfunded public services including the NHS.
Britain's communists therefore urged trade unions and the rest of the labour movement to 'pile on the pressure' so that Labour adopts a bold strategy to win the General Election.
The CP executive called for more local anti-cuts campaigning through the People's Assembly and trades councils, and for maximum solidarity with trade unionists in the NHS, education and the civil service taking action over pay and conditions.
'Such a mass movement would create the best conditions in which the Labour Party stands up to the Tories and adopts popular policies to force capital to invest in productive industry, to take the utilities and transport back into public ownership, tax the rich and big business and invest in housing and public services'.
To counter the rise of UKIP, the Communist Party reiterated its view that the labour movement must expose and attack the anti-democratic, pro-big business character of the EU.