‘ISIS is a deeply reactionary force which threatens democratic institutions and civil liberties across the Middle East’, John Foster told the Communist Party of Britain’s political committee on Tuesday evening.

‘As a result of its military campaign, the governments of Iraq and the Kurdish autonomous region along with the Syrian Kurds and other minorities face humanitarian crises of enormous proportions’, he declared.
  The CP international secretary pointed out that the rise of ISIS – which styles itself ‘Islamic State’ – has been facilitated by ‘equally reactionary regimes’ backed by the US and Britain, notably in Saudi Arabia and Qatar where substantial funds have been raised for the terrorist organisation and its predecessors.
  ‘ISIS is exploiting popular anger at imperialist control in the region over five generations and, more specifically, the consequences of the US and British invasion of Iraq in 2003’, he charged.
  Mr Foster therefore warned that further military intervention by imperialist powers, including Britain, would strengthen the ability of ISIS to portray itself as an anti-imperialist force. At the same time, the US and its regional allies would try to use intervention in order to reconfigure territories, maintain imperialist exploitation of regional resources and allow Israel to pursue its agenda of illegal expansion.
  Britain’s communists reiterated their call for aid to be channelled urgently through the United Nations to enable the ISIS challenge to be met, including militarily, on terms set by people’s own democratic institutions in the region.
  The CP political committee further insisted that Britain and the US must end their direct and indirect support for armed insurrection against the Damascus government and allow the UN to facilitate an interim peace settlement involving the al Assad regime. The grave consequences of extending British military intervention into Syria underlines the need to strengthen the peace movement and mobilise mass opposition to such plans.
  Britain’s communists also urged people across Britain to lobby their local MP to support British recognition of Palestinian statehood when the House of Commons holds a free vote on the issue.