‘Britain faces the prospect of a hung parliament in the fourth General Election in a row in which the Tories have failed to win a majority of seats’, Nick Wright told the Communist Party’s executive committee over the weekend.

Not only does the first past the post electoral system deny huge blocs of voters any proportional representation, he argued, but the interests of the working class majority were almost completely excluded from parliamentary and public life.
‘The private place-seeking of the likes of Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind obscures the deeper corruption of a parliament which acts as the unchallenged executive arm of the bankers and big business’, the CPB Southern England district secretary declared.
He pointed to recent public opinion polls confirming that most people favour public ownership of the energy utilities, renationalisation of the railways and Royal Mail and controls on public transport fares and household fuel prices, while opposition to the privatisation of schools and the NHS is almost universal.
‘Yet any measure which has the potential to challenge the dictatorship of capital can hardly find a hearing in the Westminster parliament, let alone win a majority there’, Mr Wright protested.
He outlined a ‘modest but vital’ role for Britain’s communists in the unfolding election campaign. The party’s candidates in Birmingham Hodge Hill, Croydon North, Devon North, Glasgow North West, Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney, Newcastle East, Plymouth Sutton & Devonport, Sheffield Central and Torfaen will be presenting the ‘stark truth’ that Britain’s economic and political crisis is a capitalist crisis.
‘Our party will strive to place working class concerns at the centre of politics, proposing left-wing and anti-imperialist policies that can unleash the creative power of Britain’s working people’, he explained.
As head of the party’s publicity team, Mr Wright revealed that the Communist election campaign would including giant billboards in all contested constituencies, featuring ‘Tax the Rich!’ as their main slogan.
The CPB leadership reiterated its call for the defeat and removal of the Tory-led coalition, which it argued would mean having to vote for Labour candidates in most seats – especially marginal ones – across England, Scotland and Wales, in order to secure an alternative government.
The executive committee also announced its support for a ‘Red Star 2015’ weekend of Marxist debates, rallies and cultural events in Clerkenwell, London, on the weekend of August 1-2.