‘The right-wing claim that Labour has no chance of winning the next General Election is looking more threadbare by the day’, Steve Johnson told the Communist Party’s political committee on Wednesday evening.

According to the CP London district secretary, proposed cuts in family tax credits were already threatening to create a major crisis in the Tory Party, where 71 MPs represent marginal seats in which many of the three million families targeted by the cuts live and work.
‘Who in the Parliamentary Labour Party will now say that Jeremy Corbyn was wrong to vote against the Tory government’s Welfare Bill?’, Mr Johnson asked.
But he warned that a ‘band of anti-democratic malcontents’ on the Labour benches were still determined to undermine their newly elected leader by supporting Tory government policies to impose fiscal stringency, renew Britain’s nuclear weapons and join the US-NATO military drive to partition Syria.
‘Extra-parliamentary action by the People’s Assembly, trade unions and the anti-war movement led the way in challenging public spending cuts, opposing British military intervention in Syria and securing Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour Party leader’, Mr Johnson pointed out. He called for this to be stepped up and combined with the battle of ideas in the labour movement in favour of a ‘left-wing and anti-imperialist’ programme of alternative policies.
Britain’s communists also warned that the steel industry faced a ‘mortal threat’ as the result of private ownership, poor investment, EU rules and ‘market anarchy’.
This came after the closure of the Redcar steelworks by Thai company ISS and the announcement of thousands of steel redundancies by Indian multinational Tata in Llanwern, Rotherham, Scunthorpe and Lanarkshire and in the Midlands by British company Caparo.
‘Instead of whingeing about cheap steel imports from China, the British government should take a leaf out of Beijing’s book by taking our own steel industry into public ownership, investing in new technology and protecting it with emergency, selective controls on EU as well as other steel imports’, Mr Johnson proposed.
The CP political committee welcomed warmer relations between Britain and China on the occasion of President Xi Jinping’s visit this week.
‘We congratulate the Chinese people and their Communist Party on lifting more than 600 million citizens out of absolute poverty, through policies based on public ownership and economic planning, and we commend China’s foreign policy of peaceful and mutually beneficial relations between sovereign states to Britain, the US and their NATO allies’.