Britain’s communists have warned that the underlying purpose of British military intervention in Syria remains regime change to remove President Bashar al Assad.

  ‘This is the only policy which unites the US and British governments and the Islamist rulers of Turkey and Saudi Arabia’, Communist Party national organiser Ben Stevenson told the party’s political committee on Wednesday evening.
  ‘It would also enable the Western powers to establish extra military bases in the greater Middle East region, whose natural resources and transport routes are vital to big business interests’, he pointed out.
  Mr Stevenson poured scorn on shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn’s recent Commons speech in favour of British involvement in the Syrian war, accusing him of ‘political grave-robbing’.
  ‘Sending the British air force to help US imperialism maintain the Middle East in a permanent state of intervention and war has nothing in common with the Communist International sending international brigades to defend Spanish democracy against fascism’, he said.
  Mr Stevenson also warned that British imperialist policy directly threatened the democratic freedoms and living standards of people at home.
  ‘The heightened threat of terrorism combined with anti-Muslim propaganda are jeopardising hard-won liberties, while billions of pounds are being diverted from our health and welfare services to bombs and missiles’, he insisted.
  The CP political committee made clear its view that economic, military and financial sanctions against Islamic State and its supporters would not be enough, and that the Syrian government should be supported in its efforts to inflict a military defeat on IS and ‘all other sectarian terrorist forces’.
  This should go alongside the Vienna talks to reach a settlement between the Syrian government and the non-Islamist opposition.
  Britain’s communists also declared solidarity with sister parties in Syria and Iraq and endorsed their condemnation of Turkish military incursions against the Kurds and in aid of sectarian insurgents.
  The CP political committee called for a big turnout for this Saturday’s ‘Stop Bombing Syria’ demonstration in London, assembling outside BBC Broadcasting House at 12 noon.