The CP national Speaking Tour reached Bristol last week when Party Chairman Bill Greenshields and former labour MP David Drew spoke to an appreciative audience on "Why Britain needs Socialism."

The two speakers were followed by a lively question and answer session covering topics as diverse as the economy, pensions, unions, european matters, womens' issues, involvement of students, imperialist wars and the Morning Star.
There were many comments and questions about the Star, and a supporter in the audience requested that the meeting pass a resolution in support of our newspaper.
The Chair asked for support for the proposition that "The Morning Star is essential in furthering the struggle of the working class, never more so than at the present time, and should be support'ed by all to ensure its survival." 
This received unanimous approval, following which a collection for the lifeline Appeal was taken.
The meeting concluded with expressions of support for the strikes on the 30th, and many requests for further involvement in the political process. It is in tended to hold regular meetings based on both the Peoples Charter and the Morning Star.