On Saturday 1 September it was standing room only for latecomers to the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Centre in Leicester, local headquarters of the Indian Workers' Association. 

150 people filled the main hall to enjoy a festive dinner organised by the Morning Star Readers' & Supporters' Group in the city. Guest of honour was RMT President Alex Gordon. Other speakers were John Haylett, political editor of the paper, Joginder Bains of the IWA, and Luke Primarolo of Unite. Eleanor Davidson, well-known Leicester secularist, was in the chair. Mohinder Farma, president of IWA, took the collection. All the speakers stressed the vital role of the Morning Star in informing, inspiring and organising the campaigns against cuts and privatisation, and the struggle for a people friendly alternative to the ruling class strategy of solving their crisis at our expense. The event raised a total of £1000 for the People's Press Fighting Fund.