Readers anywhere in the English speaking world can now subscribe to the digital edition of the Morning Star. This, is a big step forward for the people's newspaper. Go here to view.

"Our movement faces the greatest threat it has seen in decades.
This relentless right-wing assault won’t be reversed without a tremendous struggle to mobilise our communities and workplaces and win the battle of ideas.
There couldn't be a more relevant time for our movement to have its own media voice.
The Morning Star is just that, but must make bold investments in new technology and the print paper to do the job.
Those closest to the ideas projected by the paper, whose editorial line is Britain’s Road to Socialism, have a big role to play at this crucial phase.
All those reading this should be buying the Morning Star. But some are unable to get it for geographical reasons. Others for financial ones.
With the launch of a fledgling paid PDF edition we are taking the first step on the road to funding a fully functioning multiformat e-edition and website relaunch.
This is one of the projects that will help us to challenge the Establishment-dominated multimillionaire media’s cosy world. So I appeal to all those who can afford it to get behind this initiative, or make that extra effort to buy the print paper every day.
I hope, too, that you will play an active role in helping us seek out new daily readers and shareholders.
Remember that, as long as we are without a mass media voice of our own, the Establishment will find it simple to keep up their pretence that socialist ideas no longer exist.
Richard Bagley
Editor, Morning Star