JEREMY CORBYN describes the Morning Star as “the most precious and only voice we have in the daily media.”  Its the only daily newspaper that fights for progressive politics and stands firmly on the side of the working class, writes Star Campaigns Organiser Steve Sweeney.

The Morning Star was the only daily national newspaper that supported Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest and recognised the energy generated through the campaign that has given a new momentum for the anti-austerity movement and given a voice to those who felt abandoned by the political elite. There have been tens of thousands joining or rejoining Labour since Corbyn’s election, energised by the politics of hope.
The Morning Star is the paper of the broad left and through our pages you will find unparalleled coverage and articles from across the movement from the Labour left, the Green Party, Communist Party and others to trade union disputes and features from progressive organisations such as Cuba Solidarity, Stop the War, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and more. For trade unionists and progressives, the Morning Star is a must-read for coverage and analysis of the issues facing the movement.
What makes the Morning Star different is that we are owned by our readers. That means you. By buying shares in the paper, you become a part of the Morning Star and can take part in the democratic processes through our AGMs. Our management committee has representatives from nine trade unions including Community, CWU, FBU, GMB, NUM, POA, RMT, Ucatt and Unite, along with individual shareholders elected to the committee.
This makes us different from the bourgeois, capitalist press and means that rather than being run by wealthy individuals who exert an unhealthy influence we are proudly owned by you, as part of the readers’ co-operative.
We are celebrating the 85th anniversary of the Morning Star this year. It has faced many challenges during that time, from being fire-bombed and censored to being raided by the police, attacked by fascists and banned for a period during the war. The fact that we have survived for 85 years is a testament to our readers and supporters who have played a massive role in keeping the paper going through some difficult times.
As a movement we are facing some of our biggest challenges for a generation. As reported in the pages of the Morning Star, the Trade Union Bill is one of the most pernicious and dangerous pieces of legislation being pushed by the Tories. It does not just affect trade unionists, but will affect everybody with its attacks on democracy and human rights. The debate over the European Union will be ignited as we draw closer to the referendum and the Morning Star has already covered a number of articles outlining the undemocratic nature of its institutions and its drive toward privatisation, lowering of standards and attacks on democracy and the proposed TTIP deal.
The Morning Star is the only daily newspaper that consistently covers the issues that matter and is a vital tool in the class war. Don’t be without it.
In order to help us expand our influence and support our role as the paper for the progressive movement, we need your help. You can do this by becoming a shareholder or increasing your shareholding. This will help us with the funds we so desperately need to achieve our aims. You can also encourage your union branch, CLP or progressive organisation to take out shares.
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