Ed Miliband is now locked in a battle with the energy monopolies that has only two possible outcomes - either he caves in or he realises that gas and electricity need to be taken back into public ownership', Anita Halpin told the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday evening.

  'Having pledged to impose a short-term price freeze on domestic fuel prices, he has provoked the wrath of the "Big Six" suppliers and the big business press', the party's trade union organiser pointed out.
  Ms Halpin argued that the Labour leader would now have to defend himself by pointing out that rocketing energy prices have boosted profits, dividends and fat cat remuneration rather than securing future production and storage capacity.
  'He will have to explode the big lie that higher prices are needed to fund investment, much of which is usually funded from depreciation costs, new bond or share issues, bank loans and government subsidies', she insisted. Market forces and regulation had both failed to curb monopoly power, Ms Halpin added, leaving renationalisation as the only realistic option for the future.
  Reporting on the recent TUC and Labour Party conferences, she welcomed announcements from shadow ministers that the next Labour government would introduce a raft of social and economic measures to assist the low paid, young workers, benefit claimants and victims of domestic and sexual violence.
  'Having willed the ends, Labour now needs to commit itself to the means, namely, progressive taxation, public ownership and the repeal of anti-trade union laws', the CP leader declared.
  At the political committee meeting, Britain's communists also decided to:
Congratulate striking Hovis workers in Wigan who have defeated attempts to impose zero-hour contracts.
Send best wishes to the party's candidate, Ryan Boyle, in the forthcoming Glasgow City Council by-election in Govan on October 10.
Publish a special issue of the party's Unity! bulletin for distribution at the national demonstration in Manchester on Sunday called by trade unions and the People's Assembly Against Austerity.
Issue a separate statement on religious fundamentalism, sectarian violence and imperialism following recent massacres in Kenya, Pakistan, Nigeria and Iraq.