Ed Miliband and the Labour Party leadership should be concentrating their fire on coalition government policies, not on their own trade union supporters, the Communist Party has declared today (Sunday, September 8).

  In a statement on the eve of this year's TUC conference, CP general secretary Robert Griffiths urges Labour's to 'stop dancing to the tune of Tories, Blairites and the anti-labour movement media'.
  Instead, he suggests that Labour should devote its efforts to winning and mobilising public opinion against austerity and privatsation, and in favour of policies of progressive taxation and public ownership.
  'It beggars belief that at a time when more and more people are repelled by this unelected government's cruel attacks on the poor, the unemployed and even on people with disabilities, Ed Miliband seems more obsessed with attacking his biggest supporters in the trade unions', the CP leader remarked.
  Mr Griffiths said he hoped the unions would step up their efforts to ensure that more working people entered parliament as MPs.
  'If Labour leaders want to talk about the funding of political parties, why not demand an inquiry by the Electoral Commission into the City spivs and renegade crooks who fund the Tory and LibDem parties through front organisations, offshore funds and secret bank accounts?' he suggested.
  In its statement, the Communist Party's political committee called upon Labour MPs to challenge the Tory-LibDem coalition's welfare reforms and its plans to restrict trade union and employment rights. Britain's communists propose support for a wealth tax on Britain's super rich, a levy on financial speculation in the City, a Trade Union Freedom Bill and public ownership of the railways and utilities.
  The Communist Party also urges the trade unions and the Labour Party to 'review fundamentally' their support for Britain's membership of the European Union.
  'The basic treaties and unelected institutions of the EU are driving the austerity, privatisation and anti-union agenda across Europe', Mr Griffiths pointed out, 'which demands mass resistance from the labour movement, not the perpetuation of illusions about an anti-democratic, pro-big business set-up that cannot be transformed into a "Social Europe"', he concluded.