This coming year will one of enormous challenges and opportunities for the Communist Party, its members and supporters.

We face a ruling class offensive – spearheaded by a very right-wing Tory government – which aims to privatise health and education, dismantle the Welfare State, incapacitate the trade unions, restrict our rights to protest, keep Britain shackled to the EU and acquire a new generation of weapons of mass destruction.
This places a duty on every Communist Party member and organisation to do their utmost in the trade union movement, the People’s Assembly, the National Assembly of Women, CND, Stop the War and campaigning bodies to ensure that 2016 is a year of heightened mass and class struggle.
All CP branches must draw up their plans for the coming twelve months if they have not already done so. These should include not only key campaigning activities, but also initiatives on the Morning Star and political education fronts.
A new pack of materials to launch and enhance study of our programme, Britain’s Road to Socialism, has been prepared and will be issued before the end of January.
We need a significant increase in the number of Communist Party candidates and campaigns in the May 2016 Scottish, Welsh and English local elections.
We need good Labour votes where we are not standing ourselves, in order to strengthen the position of Jeremy Corbyn and the left inside the Labour Party.
We need a big turnout at the Ukrainian embassy in London on Tuesday, January 19 (at 12.30 for 1 pm) to protest against the banning of that country’s Communist Party.
We need a huge mobilisation for the anti-fascist, anti-racist march and rally in east London on Sunday, October 9, to mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. Our party will be playing a leading role in this event.
We need a successful Red Star Festival on July 23 and a vibrant 54th party congress on November 19-20.
But more than anything else, the working class and oppressed peoples around the world need a stronger, more influential Communist Party and international communist movement.

Build the Communist Party in 2016!
Throw back the ruling class offensive!
Strengthen working class and left unity!
Robert Griffiths
General Secretary, Communist Party of Britain