Britain's Communists have condemned the subordination of Britain's foreign and military policies to the USA, NATO and the European Union.
'The situation is much like a McDonald’s franchise – overall strategy is in the hands of the US principals, while the operational costs and attendant risks are borne by us, the franchisees', Nick Wright told the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday evening (February 17).
For example, he said, Britain’s ‘independent’ nuclear deterrent not only consists of Trident submarines, the construction of which has 'tied up our most skilled workers in unproductive labour for decades', but also of the all-important missiles.
According to the House of Commons Defence Committee, the 58 missiles are designed and manufactured in the US by Lockheed Martin and most of them are stored and maintained at King's Bay, Georgia, USA. The communications and targeting infrastructure essential for the delivery of these missiles is controlled by the USA.
Refitting and support of the submarines themselves takes place at Devonport, Plymouth by DML, a consortium majority-owned by Halliburton.
'Thus British taxpayers continue to supplement the $39.5 billion profit Dick Cheney’s firm has already made from the Iraq war', Mr Wright added.
Furthermore, the Communist Party's communications chief condemned the 'ever closer union' between NATO and the EU.
'The integration of NATO and the EU’s war fighting capacity, collectively subordinated to US strategic priorities, is demonstrated by the establishment of new military command centres in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania', he declared.
Mr Wright warned that the Lisbon Treaty's provisions for EU rearmament and a Common Security and Defence Policy within the framework of NATO made the EU a force for expansion, intervention and war – not a force for peace.
The CP political committee reiterated its support for an 'independent foreign and non-nuclear defence policy for Britain'. It also urged mass support for the CND 'Stop Trident' demonstration on February 27 in London and welcomed plans to launch a broad left, internationalist campaign in favour of Britain's withdrawal from the EU.