Chancellor Osborne's budget was a 'crafty move' in the Tory Party leadership stakes which is already backfiring, according to Britain's communists.
  'Iain Duncan Smith refuses to be the "fall guy" for the transfer of more than £5bn from the disabled to the very rich and big business', John Foster told the Communist Party's executive committee at the weekend.
  According to Mr Foster, last week's budget exposed the real purpose of austerity as above all a 'political programme' rather than a fiscal one.
  'It is about restructuring our society in a fully neo-liberal way: ending the post-war settlement of universal education, welfare and health delivered through democratically-elected local government and the National Health Service', he declared. 
  Instead, in league with the EU Commission and its proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the USA, these services would in future be shut down or broken up and delivered within the private, corporate and charitable sectors. 
  In particular, Mr Foster insisted that big business, the Tory government and the EU aimed to destroy collective bargaining.
  'The budget intends to abolish national terms and conditions for teachers, the Trade Union Bill further restricts the right to take industrial action, while the super-exploitation of migrant labour — backed up by EU Court of Justice rulings — undermines wages and collective agreements on a continental scale', the CP international secretary argued.
  Britain's communists concluded that it was now urgent to develop a left-wing, anti-monopoly, anti-imperialist campaign against membership of the European Union.
  The CP executive welcomed the decision by train drivers' union Aslef to join the RMT and the Bakers' Union in calling for a vote for Britain to leave the EU in the June 23 referendum. It also urged support for the 'Exit Left' launch meeting at the Indian YMCA, central London next Wednesday evening (March 23) with speakers from trades unions, the Indian Workers' Association, the Communist Party, Counterfire and other organisations.