The labour movement and the left can strike three big blows against the Tory government in the coming months, according to Britain's Communists.

  The first is by making this Saturday's People's Assembly march in London a 'huge demonstration' for Cameron and the Tories to go, general secretary Robert Griffiths told the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday evening.
  'Big contingents of steelworkers, junior doctors and teachers will underline the necessity to get rid of this government and secure the investment needed in health, homes, jobs and and education', he declared.
  Arguing that the Cameron-Osborne regime was beginning to come apart at the seams, he pointed to the unravelling of the recent Budget and its attack on disability benefits, and the scandal surrounding 'industrial scale tax dodging' by the rich and big business.
  Mr Griffiths said the second blow would be a big vote for the  Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership in the English local, Scottish and Welsh elections on May 5, combined with increased support for Communist candidates as 'the most consistent fighters for working class interests and socialism'.
  The third and biggest blow would be an upsurge in labour movement and left-wing campaigning to help produce a majority vote against Britain's membership of the European Union in the June 23 referendum.
  'The EU is anti-democratic and unreformable, with capitalist economic and financial policies written into its fundamental treaties along with alignment with NATO', the Communist Party leader insisted.
  In particular, he found it difficult to understand how trade unionists, socialists and Greens could support the EU when it was 'wrecking' Britain's steel industry, imposing higher VAT rates on energy saving installations and negotiating an undercover Transatlantic Trade and Invetsment Partnership with the USA that would increase the power of transnational corporations against democratically elected governments.
  'Millions of workers and their families suffering EU and IMF austerity and privatisation programmes in Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Ireland will celebrate a people's victory over the Tories, bankers and EU bureaucrats on June 23', he claimed.
  Mr Griffiths also chairs 'LEXIT - the Left Leave campaign', a new alliance of anti-EU bodies including the RMT union, the Indian Workers Association (GB), the Bangladeshi Workers Council UK and a number of socialist and communist parties.