Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths has issued the following media statement today (September 24)

Jeremy Corbyn's victory will be welcomed by socialists and progressives throughout the labour movement.

It was a win for all who want the Labour Party to fight for the interests of workers and their families, for peace and environmental security. It was also a triumph against the scurrilous barrage of smears and distortions aimed at Corbyn and his supporters by some Labour MPs and - with the notable exception of the Morning Star newspaper - almost the whole of the national mass media.

The top priorities for the whole movement now must be to challenge ruling class policies, put forward a clear alternative and create the conditions in which the Tory government can be swept from office at the earliest opportunity.

The Communist Party therefore urges an upsurge in the kinds of  extra-parliamentary and trade union campaigning which prepared the ground for Corbyn's two election victories.

In such conditions, Labour can win huge popular support for a manifesto that promises to: tax the rich and big business; invest in the NHS and comprehensive education; renationalise the railways and energy utilities; build a million more public sector homes; establish a federal Britain; introduce a new Trade Union Freedom Bill; and pay armaments workers to produce hi-tech alternative energy and transport products instead of more nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

That is also why the Communist Party urges full support for the People's Assembly demonstration at the Tory Party conference next Sunday (October 2) in Birmingham, the Battle of Cable Street anniversary march and rally in London on Sunday, October 9, and for junior doctors, postal staff, railway workers, council employees and other trade unionists striking to defend jobs, services, pay and conditions.

As for those Labour MPs who have no genuine intention to unite behind the democratically elected leadership of the Labour Party, their fate is best left to their constituency party organisations. Labour Party members will decide whether they want candidates and MPs who put the interests of big business, the EU and NATO before those of the labour movement and working class people.