The Political Committee meeting on 11 May called for all branches to contact their MPs and urge them to sign Early Day Motion 973 condemning the banning of the CP Ukraine and the associated violation of human rights .  The PC makes this call in the context of the deepening assault on progressive forces in Ukraine and on the freedom of the press as described by the CP Ukraine in its statement of 10 May.

10 MAY 2016
Fascist terror continues: new attacks unleashed on the freedom of the press
On May 8-9, 2016, all progressive humanity celebrated the 71th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany and the signing of its unconditional surrender.
In Ukraine the Victory Day is de facto outlawed following the seizure of power by the alliance of oligarchs and neo-Nazi parties in 2014.  Contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine and the UN resolutions, the new regime now follows a policy of the glorification of Nazi war criminals from the UPA, from different units of the SS and the Wehrmacht who were fighting against the entire anti-Hitler coalition which consisted of the USSR, USA, UK and 23 more countries.
Contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine and international law, the regime has also implemented over the past year its decrees for "de-communization". These have been condemned by the OSE’s Venice Commission as directly attacking rights of free speech and freedom of thought and conscience.
In this context the 9 May saw violent attacks on those who sought to commemorate Victory Day and the sacrifice of those who fell.  Armed militia from nationalist-fascist groups, including the so-called "volunteer battalions" attached to the National Guard, the Security Service and Armed Forces of Ukraine unleashed terror on those who had the courage to take part in peaceful marches..  They attacked the veterans with orders and medals, pulled out of their hands the banners of Victory and burned Guards ribbons.
Subsequently the junta launched an offensive against the opposition media.  The TV channel "Gamma" was attacked after the broadcasting of the congratulation of the opposition Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko, on the occasion of Victory Day.
 In this statement Symonenko protested against violations of UN and PACE resolutions condemning the Nazi propaganda and called for the unconditional implementation of the Minsk agreements and the establishment of peace in Ukraine.  Symonenko also condemned the fact that the streets and cities of Ukraine, named after the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, were being renamed  after collaborators with Hitler's Germany without the consent of the regional communities, as required by the Venice Commission.
On 10 May, following demands from the neo-Nazi and nationalist organizations, the Security Service, functioning as the political police in Ukraine called for interviews employees of the TV channel “Gamma” and warned this channel about the withdrawal of its license.
In this context, the Communist Party of Ukraine appeals to all political parties, progressive democratic forces, international human rights organizations, the UN, the European Parliament, governments and national parliaments of the world to defend freedom of expression and human rights in Ukraine.
Stop fascism in Ukraine!

International Department
Central Committee

Communist Party of Ukraine