The government's decision to award a major railway rolling stock contract to the German company Siemens represents 'a conspiracy against the people of Britain by the Con-Dems, the European Union and the multimationals', Bill Greenshields declared at a meeting of the Communist Party of Britain's political committee on Thursday evening.

  The decision will result in the loss of 1,400 jobs at the Bombardier works in Derby, causing an estimated 13,000 knock-on redundancies in local manufacturing and service industries.
  'This hammer blow is part of the strategy dictated by the financial monopolies in the City of London, including their millionaire representatives in the Cabinet, to prioritise finance and speculation over investment in Britain's industrial base', said Mr Greenshields, who is chair of the party and also a resident of Derby.
  'It has been facilitated by EU public procurement and liberalisation directives that are designed to reinforce a so-called "free market" dominated by the monopolies', Mr Greenshields pointed out. 'Workers are being forced to compete internationally in a race to the bottom when it comes to pay, staffing levels, pensions and other terms and conditions'.
  He reminded the meeting that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the great battles to save jobs and industries at Rolls Royce in Derby and Upper Clyde Shipbuilders in Glasgow.
  'The struggle to defend jobs is never finally won under capitalism, but these workers took on employers and a Tory government, winning victories for all workers in Britain', he pointed out, calling for wide-scale trade union and community campaigning to defend the Bombardier workers.
  Britain's communists welcomed the decision of the Unite, GMB, RMT and TSSA unions to fight the government's decision, and called for a massive turnout to the demonstration planned for Derby this Saturday.
  'The TUC and affiliated unions urgently need to implement their policy of coordinated industrial action across the private, public, manufacturing and service sectors', the CPB political committee declared, 'building towards generalised strike action that challenges this illegitimate government and policies for which it has no mandate'.