"Welsh and UK governments ignored warning of pandemic shortages", say Communists

After an online meeting of the Welsh Communist Party's executive committee today (Sunday, April 5), Welsh CP secretary Trevor Jones issued the following statement:

"The Welsh Communist Party salutes the heroic working people of Wales who are in the front line, fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and keeping our society running. Once again, it is starkly obvious who does the essential work on which we all rely!

"Unfortunately, this work has been made all the harder and more dangerous by the failure of the Welsh and British governments to plan properly for just such a health epidemic as COVID-19.

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Communists warn of huge bill to rescue capitalism

'The COVID-19 pandemic should not be blamed for yet another severe crisis of the capitalist system caused by corporate ownership of the economy and the anarchy of market forces', Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths told an online meeting of the party's executive committee at the weekend. 

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Britain's Communists welcome international 'Open Letter' on COVID-19 crisis

Along with more than 230 political parties across the world, the Communist Party of Britain has signed an Open Letter on the COVID-19 crisis from the Communist Party of China (see below).

In an interview with China's Xinhua News Agency on April 3, Communist Party of Britain general secretary Robert Griffiths said:

'The Communist Party of Britain was pleased and honoured to associate itself with the Open Letter proposed by the Chinese Communist Party on the COVID-19 crisis. The letter not only expresses the full gravity of the current danger and expressed our profound appreciation of the work done by health workers and others in the front-line to combat this deadly virus. It sent our condolences to all victims of the virus and their family and friends.  But also the Open Letter emphasises how vital it is that the world and its peoples and governments come together in cooperation to defeat the threat which COVID-19 presents to us all.

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Communists condemn neoliberalism's 'deadly damage' to emergency defences

'Ten years of neoliberal economic and financial policies have done deadly damage to our defences against health and other public emergencies', the Communist Party declared on Wednesday evening (March 25). 

Reporting to an online meeting of the party's Political Committee, General Secretary Robert Griffiths attacked the past ten years of spending cuts, tax relief for the rich and big business and the outsourcing and privatisation of public services.  'Almost every capitalist government is now compelled to use methods deployed so effectively by the Chinese authorities to counter the Covid-19 virus, based on state intervention, planning and control of essential industries and services', Mr Griffiths pointed out. 

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