Imperialism and the Middle East (revised edition)

Imperialism and the Middle East revised"Today the crisis in the Middle East reaches into the heart of Europe as refugees from unresolved wars seek sanctuary across the continent. This has followed a century in which the destructive might of Europe’s great powers and of the United States has reached into the heart of the Middle East."

This pamphlet is a revised edition of the 2016 pamphlet based on contributions to the seminar organised in 2015 by the Coordinating Committee for Communist Parties in Britain. It has been updated with the cooperation of the International Commission of the Communist Party of Britain.

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A Faded Empire Strikes Back

US statesman Dean Acheson famously remarked that “Great Britain had lost an Empire and had yet to find a role.”

Apparently though, Great Britain has managed to recover rights to Hong Kong and, according to multiple Tory politicians and even the ‘progressive’ media, the UK has rediscovered a role as a guarantor of freedom and democracy there, just in time for the final round of the Tory leadership election.

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