A Faded Empire Strikes Back

US statesman Dean Acheson famously remarked that “Great Britain had lost an Empire and had yet to find a role.”

Apparently though, Great Britain has managed to recover rights to Hong Kong and, according to multiple Tory politicians and even the ‘progressive’ media, the UK has rediscovered a role as a guarantor of freedom and democracy there, just in time for the final round of the Tory leadership election.

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Hong Kong opposition and the Trump administration

One of the traditional weaknesses of the British left has been its inconsistent responses to international crises. This becomes particularly acute when British imperialism is itself strategically involved and the pressures of public opinion shaped by the establishment media are felt most heavily.

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Hong Kong and the politics of extradition

Over the past few weeks hundreds of thousands in Hong Kong have protested against the proposed introduction of a global extradition bill. The largely peaceful demonstrations filled the front pages and the airwaves of the Western corporate media.

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Communists warn of 'real and escalating' war danger

The Communist Party of Britain has warned that the danger of a military strike against Iran and a new war in the Middle East has not disappeared. In a statement issued today (Sunday, June 23), General Secretary Robert Griffiths said:

'The US and British military build-up in the region is real and escalating, replicating what happened before the disastrous bombing and invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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