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CP Brief: Syria

Want to read about the background to the Syrian civil war? Read the November 2014 briefing from CP International Department

TTIP explained

CP international committee briefing on the TTIP threat to our sovereignty.

Mary Davis spoke this morning at the 12th International Meeting of CP's and Workers' Parties conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Responding to the terrorist bombing in Manchester, Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths said today (May 23):

"Britain's communists extend the hand of solidarity to all the families and friends of the young people cruelly targeted in the barbarous attack at the Manchester Arena.

No cause can justify the deliberate mass murder of ordinary people, whether in Manchester, Paris, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Israel or Yemen.

We salute the selfless efforts of the emergency services: the staff of the eight hospitals who have worked through the night and of the ambulance, fire and police services. Their courage and dedication puts to shame the hypocrisy of politicians who have been busy cutting public sector wages and services for the past seven years.

We echo Mayor Andy Burnham's unifying and working class response, calling on all parts of the local community to pull together. Last night, Mancunians did just that, opening their family homes to the injured and lost, with cab drivers ferrying concert goers away for free in their taxis.

It's already clear that various highly publicised programmes to 'counter terrorism' are not working. A change of direction is needed with all parts of the community, including trade unions, actively engaged in bringing workers and their families together. Above all what's required is a government which rebuilds communities, promotes jobs especially for the young, builds houses, funds education and pursues a foreign policy for peace, democratic rights and social progress in the Middle East in place of imperialist subversion and sectarian fundamentalism.

In the coming days, Manchester communists will actively support public manifestations of solidarity which seek to unite Mancunians of all nationalities and of all religious faiths and none".


'The most powerful big business circles in the USA are determined to promote their interests aggressively against China, Russia and the European Union', Communist Party chair Liz Payne told the party's Political Committee on Wednesday evening (February 15).

But at the same time, she pointed out that the conflicts within the country's state apparatus reflected differences of tactics and strategy within the US ruling class.

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Israeli Communists rage against slaughter in Gaza

Thousands of Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv last night as part of global protests against the Israeli government's continued assault on the people of Gaza under the banner: “No more deaths – Israeli-Palestinian peace, now.”  Read on for the latest statement from Israeli Communists on the eve of the protests.

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