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CP Brief: Syria

Want to read about the background to the Syrian civil war? Read the November 2014 briefing from CP International Department

TTIP explained

CP international committee briefing on the TTIP threat to our sovereignty.

GREECE: No Sacrifices at the Altar of Capital

KKE members on top of the AcropolisIn the first of a regular series of articles covering the political situation in Greece, Isabella Margara from the British Branch of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), provides an overview of current developments.


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VENEZUELA : Popular alliance holds firm

PCV_PICCaracas, 14 April 2010. The president of the Republic, Hugo Chavez, has affirmed that the Communist Party Of Venezuela (PCV) is the only party left in alliance with the Socialist Unity Party of Venezuela (PSUV, party of Chavez) for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Thanks to Paul Dobson for translation.

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