Britain's Communists fully support this Friday's strike by school students demanding action against global warming, the party's Political Committee declared at its meeting on Wednesday evening (February 13).

'The young will inherit the planet and so they have every right to insist that vital steps to avoid catastrophic climate change must begin immediately', Tony Conway told the meeting. He urged pupils across Britain to join those in more than 40 towns and cities already planning to hold local protests.

'The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has again warned that "extraordinary transformations" are urgently needed in industry, transport, energy, construction, land use and carbon capture to avert disastrous levels of storm damage, disease, famine and migration by the middle of the century', Mr Conway pointed out.

'Only a socialist system can ensure the large-scale economic planning, public investment, public ownership and international solidarity that will be essential to save the planet for future generations', he added.

The CP Political Committee said humanity now faces a stark choice between 'corporate monopolies, market forces and capitalism's ruthless drive for profit' on the one hand and 'socialism which puts people and the planet first' on the other.

Mr Conway, who convenes the Communist Party's Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism Commission, also urged trade unions to ensure that Stand Up to Racism's conference in London on February 23 marks an escalation in the resistance to far-right violence and xenophobia in Britain.

CP International Secretary John Foster called on Labour MPs and progressive movements to protest against the British Tory government's complicity in the vicious repression of democratic opposition forces in Sudan.

'Communists and other anti-dictatorship leaders are in prison facing torture and death while the British state arms and trains the military and police forces who put them there', he accused.