From as far away as Australia, Brazil, Norway, Japan and Venezuela, communist and worker's parties sent solidarity greetings to the  CP 53rd congress. Communist leaders from South Africa and India sent video messages. HANNA AMIRAH of the Palestine Peoples Party spoke at the Congress and held a briefing session.


From as far away as Australia, Brazil, Norway, Japan and Venezuela, communist and worker's parties sent solidarity greetings to the  CP 53rd congress. Communist leaders from South Africa and India sent video messages. HANNA AMIRAH of the Palestine Peoples Party spoke at the Congress and held a briefing session.



 Palestine Peoples Party


Dear Comrades, Delegates and Friends

I am honored to stand at this podium for the third time in six years.

At the outset I would like to convey the greetings of the Palestinian People and the Palestinian Peoples Party for your congress and to express our gratitude for your invitation, which proves the deep solidarity of your party with our party and People in Palestine.

Everybody around here and everywhere is well informed about the details of the daily life in Palestine and about the daily measures taken by Israel against the Palestinian people. The current situation in the Middle East and the disastrous results of the so called Arab Spring has unfortunately put the Palestinian Problem at a cross roads because the focus has been centered now on the war against terrorism. The American administration succeeded to employ about 40 states in this war against ISIS (Da aish in Arabic). In exchange the ever prevalent Palestinian problem has been pushed to the side lines.

This is the most dangerous development which is emerging now, as a result from the rise of the Islamist extreme movements and the declaration of the Islamic state in Iraq & Syria. Israel, on the other side, is using this turbulence and the inner wars in the Arab states to advocate its original policies and to consolidate its occupation. Israel claims now that the Palestinian problem should not be solved until further notice or at least until the USA and its allies win their war against terror. According to American secretary of state Mr. John Cary this war will continue for about 40 years more.

Taking the utmost advantage of this made-up war; Israel waged its third war in five years against Gaza using the same pretext of fighting terrorism. And the result was half a million people were displaced from their homes, and that the number of homes, schools, hospitals, public buildings, residential buildings, mosques, factories and even cemeteries destroyed is unprecedented. And, the difference today is that the devastation caused by this recent aggression is unmatched in modern times, as confirmed by a witness, the honorable Commissioner-General of UNRWA. And, it is inconceivable that the USA and some others are unable to characterize this situation in real terms and that they suffice with simply declaring their support for Israel’s right to self-defense without regard for the fate of the thousands of victims of our people.

Here we say very loud that the life of a Palestinian is as precious as the life of any other human being.

          Simultaneously and throughout the past period of negotiations, settlement construction, land confiscations, home demolitions, killing and arrest campaigns, and forced displacement in the West Bank continued unabated and the unjust blockade on the Gaza Strip was tightened. The occupation’s campaign specifically targeted the City of Jerusalem and its inhabitants, attempting to artificially alter the spirit, identity and character of the Holy City, focusing on Al-Aqsa Mosque, threatening grave consequences. At the same time, racist and armed gangs of settlers persisted with their crimes against the Palestinian people, the land, mosques, churches, properties and olive trees.

Our conclusion after 47 years of occupation is that the future proposed by  Israel-especially this extreme rightist government of Netanyahu- for the Palestinian people is at best isolated ghettos on fragmented lands, without borders and without sovereignty over its airspace, water and natural resources, which will be under the subjugation of the racist settlers and army of occupation, and at worst will be a most abhorrent form of Apartheid.

Our conclusion is that, it is impossible to simply return to the past patterns of work, which repeatedly failed. And it is impossible, to repeat methods that have proven futile or to continue with approaches that have repeatedly failed and require comprehensive review and radical correction.

Our conclusion is that - it is impossible - to return to the cycle of negotiations that failed to deal with the substance of the matter and the fundamental question.There is neither credibility nor seriousness in negotiations in which Israel predetermines the results via its settlement activities and the occupation’s brutality. There is no meaning or value in negotiations for which the agreed objective is not ending the Israeli occupation and achieving the independence of the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital on the entire Palestinian Territory occupied in the 1967 war. And, there is no value in negotiations which are not linked to a firm timetable for the implementation of this goal.

In the light of that our Party has initiated and supported the political campaign for the introduction of a draft resolution to be adopted by the United Nations Security Council-in this month November- on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This endeavor aspires to correct the deficiency of the previous efforts to achieve peace by affirming the goal of ending the Israeli occupation and establishing the State of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital, over the entire territory occupied in 1967, with a specific timeframe for the implementation of this objective. We know that this is a difficult mission because of the American and Israel pressures but we know also that this is the only way to achieve a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

On the positive side we are relatively encouraged by certain developments that have begun to take place in Europe. Sweden became the first EU member to recognize the Palestinian State. Britain’s House of Commons voted in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state in a move that carries symbolic value for Palestinians in their pursuit of statehood. And Ireland’s upper house joined the British Parliament and called for recognition of the state of Palestine. And 469 Israeli public figures petitioned the Spanish Parliament to recognize the state of Palestine and it is as well as France are expected to follow suit.

The main question now is what we shall do in order to consolidate the International solidarity with the Palestinian People:

We call upon all the communist and leftist parties and grass roots organizations to support and be part of worldwide political campaign which calls to:

        -Recognize an independent viable state of Palestine on the borders of June 4/1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital and work to force Israel to accept a final and comprehensive settlement accordingly.

         - Support the Palestinian position to accede to the International criminal court to hold Israel responsible for its war crimes.

           - Use all efforts in order to force Israel to end, immediately and unconditionally, its brutal blockade on Gaza and completely stop all its settlement activities in the Palestinian territories, as a preliminary step to dismantle all the settlements.

           -Demand the immediate release of Palestinian political prisoners, who should have been recognized and treated as POWs in the first place.

-Support the popular and legitimate resistance of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation.

 -Ban arms trade with Israel.

-Support the international campaign to boycott all products from Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.

-Freeze the EU – Israel Association Agreement due to the violation of Article 2 on human rights.

Dear Comrades, thank you again for your invitation and I wish you all the success.

Palestinian People’s Party/ political bureau

Hanna Amireh


From the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey
To the Communist Party of Britain
October 2014, Istanbul

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Communist Party of Turkey we express our revolutionary greetings to all members of the Communist Party of Britain on the occasion of your 53rd Party Congress.

We are in agreement with you that we need to strengthen the independent position of the working class movement to struggle against the intensified capitalist exploitation.  For years now the deepening economic crisis of the capitalist system has been further deteriorating the conditions of the working class and the poor strata. The recent figures, however, do not show any signs of serious recovery. Under these circumstances, we have no other alternative, but to build a united, militant and political labour movement to defeat the ruling class offensive just as you stated in your Congress documents.

Beginning from the end of the real socialism, the world has witnessed various examples of imperialist aggression. In the Middle East, the imperialist forces have been ruining even the last remnants of peace and civilization. Doing this, they have been heavily leaning on reactionary forces, which are the outcomes of the imperialist policies and supported by the Western governments. Britain is one of the leading actors of these imperialist operations and Turkey has adopted the role of a regional counterpart of imperialism in the Middle East. These facts underscore the importance of solidarity between our parties.

Dear comrades,

In today’s world it has become a crucial necessity to escalate the struggle against exploitation, inequality, poverty, wars and invasions in order to ensure peace and welfare for all people. We believe that your congress will further strengthen our common efforts to realize this goal.

We wish you great success in your 53rd Congress and we are looking forward to deepening the solidarity between our parties.



Message of the Central Committee of AKEL to the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain

The Central Committee of AKEL conveys its warm comradely and militant greetings to the Communist Party of Britain, to its members and cadres, for a successful and fruitful 53rd Congress.

At this significant juncture for your Party, the communists of Cyprus recall the strong, enduring and historical links between the communists and working people of our two countries. We recall in particular the early

stages in the history of the Communist Party of Cyprus and its successor,AKEL. Many Cypriot workers - migrants shaped their class consciousness within the ranks of the Communist Party and at the same time

transmitted their experiences to the communist movement in Cyprus. Among them, the historical leader of our Party com. Ezekias Papaioannou who, together with many other Cypriot and British communists, fought

and indeed died together in the great anti-fascist battle on the side of Republican Spain against Franco, but also struggling together in the daily Class struggles of the labour movement and in numerous international solidarity campaigns.

The relations of several generations of Cypriots migrants and AKEL’s Branch in Britain with the Communists of Britain are continuing to this day. We look forward to enhancing and deepening these relations and joint actions.

AKEL highly appreciates and respects that the British Communists have always been in consistent, steadfast and militant solidarity with the struggles of the Cypriot people, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, for freedom and national independence against British colonialism; against the NATO imperialist plans to subjugate Cyprus; against the on-going Turkish occupation of 37% of our island, the presence of the British military bases and Turkey's current provocations and aggressive actions in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone in violation of International Law.

The struggle against the imperialist new world order is today more urgent than ever before. The Middle East has become once more the centre of imperialist expansion and aggression against the sovereignty of states, threatening peace in the entire region, fueling sectarianism and fundamentalist extremism, civil wars and humanitarian catastrophe. The international communist movement must at this crucial moment stand firmly on the side of the peoples of the region, and the communist, left, progressive and anti-imperialist forces in the region by developing joint action and mass struggles against these military interventions and aggressions; developments that threaten to plunge humanity into a vicious circle serving imperialist geo-strategic and economic interests. Your Congress is taking place in the midst of the deep crisis of the capitalist system that is shifting even more burdens on working people's backs and attacking elementary rights and gains. We are following closely the vital and coherent role the Communist Party of Britain is playing in the various developing campaigns, leading by example, promoting united mass action and forging broad alliances within the labour, social and people's movement, such as the Peoples Assembly. We would like once again to express our militant solidarity towards your struggles and reiterate our wish to further develop the ties between our two Parties.

Every success to your Congress which we are sure will be a new landmark in the life and struggle of the Communist Party of Britain, in the struggles of the British working people for peace, democracy and socialism.

With fraternal and communist greetings,

The Central Committee of AKEL


1 November 2014

Greetings to the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the Communist Party of Australia, I send warmest fraternal greetings to our comrades

of the Communist Party of Britain on the occasion of its 53rd Congress.

The Congress takes place at a time of growing aggression on the part of US imperialism to the point of launching new military adventures coordinated with allied forces, which include those of our two countries. Cynicism and corruption characterise the political life of our communities and we see rights and conditions won over decades of struggle being stripped away from workers and other exploited people. Political opposition and legitimate trade union activity are being targeted and an atmosphere of hatred and mistrust is being created. There is a reckless lack of concern in government about climate change, which is impacting poorer nations on the planet right now.

We are pleased to note that relations between our two Marxist-Leninist Parties have strengthened in recent years and, given the many common challenges we face, we look forward even closer cooperation in future. We also look forward to seeing the results of the work of the 53rd Congress and the contribution it will make to the task of building a socialist Britain.

Long live working class internationalism!

Long live the Communist Party of Britain!

Bob Briton

General Secretary

Communist Party of Australia



Brussels, 28 October 2014

Dear Comrades,

We congratulate the leadership and the entire membership of the Communist Party of Britain on the occasion of its  53nd Congress to be held in London on the 15-16th November 2014. Your Congress will debate two resolutions: “For a United, Militant and Political Labour Movement to Defeat the Ruling Class Offensive” and “For International Unity, Against Imperialist Aggression”

We wish you success at the Congress and beyond, in the hard work of concretizing the tasks and taking up the manifold challenges the British working class and people are faced with.

Please convey our revolutionary greetings of internationalist solidarity to all delegates of your Party Congress.

With our best communist regards,

Baudouin Deckers

Member of the Party Bureau

Head of the Department of International Relations

Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB)

BELGIUM Communist Party of Wallonia-Brussels (Belgium)

Dear Comrades,

The world is going through a particularly dangerous time in its history. The capitalist system, incapable of managing the crisis affecting it, has opted to go down the road of violence and war. From having supported the most obscurantist tendencies of the Islamic movement such as the Taliban in order to destroy Afghanistan's progressive experience to the disgraceful war it is waging to dismantle and destroy Syria, the last remaining secular country in the Middle East, it now sees itself confronted by the latest of its own creatures, the so-called Islamic State.

Nearer to home, in Ukraine, imperialism no longer hesitates to support the neo-fascist movements militarily. Using the same logic which led to the destruction of Yugoslavia under false pretexts, it is now embarking on a campaign of aggression against Russia, using the cruellest of methods. A few days ago, the NGO Human Rights Watch revealed that the Kiev army used fragmentation bombs against the rebels of Donbass. Of course, all these military adventures are financed to the detriment of the living conditions of the working class whilst benefiting the oligarchs and the arms dealers.

It is in this context that our adversaries attempt to distract politically and ideologically from our peoples' struggles. Don't let us be distracted. The priority for our struggle must be concentrated against the capitalist system; against the attack it is preparing against workers' rights and against preparations for war. This is our message of solidarity on the occasion of your 53rd Congress, for which we wish you every success.

 Long live international solidarity!

 With warmest comradely greetings,

 Communist Party of Wallonia-Brussels (Belgium)

Jean Fagard

Political Buro Spokesperson



The Main Board

Bijeljina, 5 November 2004


Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the members of the Workers' Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina please receive warm greetings and wishes for successful work of your Congress. We hope that the delegates will develop fruitful discussion and adopt decisions which will enable your party to strongly participate in the struggles of the British labour movement. We wish to strengthen cooperation of our two parties and to receive new information on the Communist Party of Britain successes in class struggles in Britain.

Comradely yours in struggle,

President of the Main Board

Goran Marković


Central Organizing Committee

Communist Party of Burma

Dear Comrades,

            On the occasion of the convening of the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain, we would like to extend our comradely greetings to you, to the attendees of the Congress and to the whole membership of the Communist Party of Britain. We firmly believe that the resolutions of the Congress will be a shot in the arm to the international working class movement and anti-imperialist movement the world over.

The US Imperialist, with the aim of encircling China, is interfering in our nation's politics more than ever before. They are not only collaborating with the military dictators of our country, but are also giving aids to strengthen their dictatorial oppression. They impose double standards towards others according to their whims and their cohorts like NATO and EC always follow suit. However, the people of our country are not hoodwinked by their crafty tricks and persist on creating a genuine democratic nation.

We hereby emphasize again that our two parties are striding along the same track and that we are heartened to learn that you are convening this Congress.

Long Live the Communist Party of Britain!

Long Live the unity between the Communist Party of Britain and the Communist Party of Burma!

Success to the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain!

Central Organizing Committee

Communist Party of Burma



Dear comrades of Communist Party of Britain

The Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) sends its warmest salutation to all comrades of CP of Britain for its 53rd Congress. Under the slogan “For a United, Militant and Political Labour Movement to Defeat the Ruling Class Offensive”, the comrades of CP of Britain has a serious challenge to face the new wave of conservative forces growing in Europe and in your country.


The current international context is full of threatenings of war, neocolonialist offensive and growing of fascists forces in everywhere, above the framework of a huge financial crisis. In Europe, the financial capital has imposed as solution for the crisis policies of austerity, what means reduce of labour rights, increasing of taxes and privatization of public services. It is demanding a more united trade union movement, to face the attacks against social and labour rights.

At the same time, the US imperialism is more violent than ever. Together with other imperialist countries of Europe, the US is working to change the map of the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The war in Ukraine has not only the fingers of US imperialism but its full body, supporting Nazi and Fascist groups, aiming to justify a war to extend the borders of NATO close to Russia. They are attacking Russia, especially after the 6th Summit of BRICS countries, held in Brazil, which decided to create a new international economic structure independent of IMF and World Bank.

Brazil has just left a very difficult elections. This election was a clear dispute between two projects: the continuation of Dilma Rousseff's government against the back of the right forces, which work to the return of the failed neoliberal way. Fortunately, left, progressive and democratic forces, united with Dilma, won the election even with a very conservative new National Congress elected. The elections in Brazil says that Latin-America remains in the way of solidarity integration, following the path drew by Hugo Chavez since 1999.


We congratulate you for your 53rd Congress and we send our best regards to all communists of Britain. The British workers will conquest its socialist future.

Long live to the friendship of Brazilian and British communists!

Long live to the 53rd Congress of CP of Britain!

Ricardo Alemão Abreu

International Relations Secretary of PCdoB




Al 53 Congreso del Partido Comunista Británico

Queridos camaradas:

El Partido Comunista de Chile saluda fraternalmente el 53 Congreso del Partido Comunista Británico deseándoles los mayores éxitos que, sin dudas, favorecen los intereses de los trabajadores británicos y la paz mundial.

Los comunistas chilenos vemos con preocupación los intentos del imperialismo norteamericano y sus aliados por mantener su hegemonía  agrediendo a los pueblos en todo el planeta y poniendo en serio peligro la paz mundial.

Expresión de ello es la agresión por decenios en nuestro continente, en contra de la Revolución Cubana, el proceso liberador de Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador y Nicaragua, y también en contra del desarrollo independiente de Brasil y Argentina. Los comunistas chilenos propiciamos la unidad de nuestros pueblos a fin de lograr nuestra real independencia y un desarrollo integrado de nuestras economías.

Hoy el Partido Comunista de Chile participa del Gobierno en nuestro país en función de un programa de transformaciones estructurales a favor de la educación, la libertad sindical, un nuevo sistema electoral y una nueva constitución nacional, instrumento que perdura impuesto por la dictadura y defendido por la reacción y sus mandantes norteamericanos. Estas transformaciones son un paso hacia nuevos horizontes que en su desarrollo favorecerán los intereses de nuestro país y su  pueblo.

Reiteramos nuestros saludos y deseos de éxito en vuestro 53 Congreso Nacional.

¡Viva el Partido Comunista Británico!

¡Viva el Internacionalismo Proletario!




The Communist Party in Denmark, KPiD, salutes you on the occasion of your 53thparty congress.

The two proposed main resolutions that you are about to discuss and decide on at your congress are very important.

In particular we have taken note of the remarks about the unity of the international communist movement. In our view, this unity is crucial for the movement. It was sad that the International Meeting in Portugal last year did not reach a common conclusion and could not agree on a common final document. We really hope, and we will work for that the forthcoming meeting in Ecuador may strengthen the cooperation between the communist parties sharing a Marxist-Leninist basis, while recognizing the need for different strategies in the struggle for socialism, depending on the specific conditions in each country.

We wish you a fruitful congress.

Capitalism is the problem. Socialism is the solution



Paris  7 November 2014

Dear Comrades

Your 53rd Congress takes place against a background characterised, both in Britain and the whole of Europe, by the worsening of the capitalist crisis and the offensive by the governing regimes against the European peoples and particularly against those integrated in the European Union.

The outcome is the implementation of unprecedented measures of austerity and the dismantling of all social rights and conquests.  Resistance is growing and we highly appreciate the part taken by the CPB, associated with major social mobilisations, in support of the struggles of workers in your country against the policies of the governing Conservative Right.

We too, in France and Europe, are working hard for the creation of a very broad and extended front of struggle for the purpose of building a progressive alternative.  Nowadays we are engaged in big struggles against austerity policies and against the Free Trade Treaty between the USA and the EU, TTIP, whoaswe consequences would be terrible for all the peoples living in Europe.  At the same time we need to create conditions for a counter-offensive against the war logic of the imperialist forces engaged, with NATO, all over the world.

Dear Comrades, you may trust that the French Communists are eager to strengthen our ties of fraternal solidarity and that we remain

Comradely Yours

Lydia Samarbakhsh

Head of the International Department



Essen, November, 2014

Dear Comrades

The United Kingdom is in fact a deeply divided kingdom. The fat cats have used the post-2008 crisis in order to rehabilitate them with the help of their government and their media on the expense of working people and their families. They practice an austerity policy that has made large sections of the working class fall into poverty. Particularly affected by poverty are women and immigrants.

At the same time tax breaks for the rich and the big business provide a massive redistribution from bottom to top. More and more profits shall be washed  into the coffers of the super-rich by privatization campaigns that affect all public services. On top of this privatization agenda are the National Health Service and public education.
A fascist movement, UKIP, misuses justified reviews of the European Union and thus achieves success. Even the breakdown of Britain in its parts, as recently tried with the independence referendum in Scotland, is not a solution. The balance of power has to be changed to achieve success in the struggle of the vast majority of the people against the few super-rich.
The fragmented union movement in Britain is currently not capable to counter the attacks on jobs, wages and social rights effectively. All the more admirable are the actions of resistance that take place anywhere in the UK. Ways must be found to unite the organized power of the working class.
The aggressiveness with which the ruling class pursues its interests in Britain itself corresponds to the aggressiveness on the international level. The British ruling class remains closely connected with the main imperialist power, the United States. Especially in the Middle East, the aggressive policy of the British government has tragic consequences for the peoples.
In all these questions the task of the Communist Party is to concentrate the forces of resistance. For this purpose it is necessary to strengthen the party itself and to increase its influence. How hard it is, we German Communists know for sure from our own country.
We wish the discussions on your 53rd Congress results that can be translated into action. These actions will be steps on the path to peace and socialism.

With comradely greetings,

Günter Pohl

(International Secretary)

Manfred Idler

(Vice-Head of the International Commission)


Dear comrades,

Your 53rd Congress is being held in complex conditions that are characterized by the aggressiveness of capitalism which is being fuelled by the deep crisis of capital over-accumulation and the fierce competition for the control of the markets and natural resources.

This situation is expressed by a full-scale offensive against the working class-people’s rights in every country. The new reduction of industrial production is evidence that the desired recovery is fragile. While war flashpoints and interventions, such as those that we see today in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, where the USA, NATO and EU intervene with all means available to them, exist in the framework of their inter-imperialist competition with other emerging powers.

The sharpening of the contradictions amongst strong imperialist powers, like Britain, in the framework of the EU highlights the impasses of the capitalist mode of production. It shines a light on the aims of every bourgeois class to safeguard the greatest possible profitability for their monopolies.

In these complex conditions, the analysis of the communists must, in our opinion, have as the criterion their stance on strategically important issues that are the key to their positions.

Today, the elaboration of a strategy is crucial task that can meet the needs of the conflict against the exploitative system and contribute to the development of the class struggle for its overthrow. The struggle must have a direction inside the labour-people’s movement that will strengthen its organization and make it capable of struggling for the abolition of the exploitation of man by man. The peoples must understand more deeply that the humanization of capitalism is a deception and that the alleged imposition of controls on the monopolies and capitalist market is also illusory. They must militantly reject not just the liberal version of bourgeois management, but also the social-democratic one which is a historic pillar of bourgeois power and serves the interests of the monopolies and undeniably has a reactionary character. They must place their trust in the CP and its independent strategy for the overthrow of bourgeois power, for the construction of socialism-communism. The strengthening of the struggle against the EU and NATO as well as revealing the character of the new emerging capitalist countries and their inter-state unions, which are being formed with as the basic criterion the domination of their economies by the monopolies, are the preconditions for this path of struggle. The discussion in relation to the building of sovereignty on the terrain of the capitalist relations of production in our opinion does not take into account the fact that as long as the monopolies have the power the people can not be sovereign. The German bourgeoisie today in the EU is the biggest winner but the bourgeoisies of other countries also achieve unimaginable wealth and attack the peoples with equally barbaric measures. In our assessment, the competition amongst them in conditions of the unevenness of the capitalist economies has nothing to do with the people’s interests and the workers must refuse to be mobilized under a false flag of the interests of the one or other section of the bourgeois class.


Capitalism has developed, it is in its highest imperialist stage, the material preconditions are even mature for its overthrow and for the construction of the new socialist society than in 1917.

These are basic elements for the elaboration of a modern revolutionary strategy with the socialist character of the revolution and the resolution of the basic contradiction between socialism and capitalism at its centre. Consequently, the need is highlighted for the preparation of the CP and labour movement, something which our party insists on in Greece. On this basis, we are endeavouring to build solid party organizations in the large factories and workplaces, in order for the subjective factor to mature, placing emphasis on the regroupment of the labour movement and the construction of the people’s alliance. This path expresses the interests of the working class and the popular strata in the struggle against the monopolies and capitalist ownership.

The struggle against opportunism is a necessary feature of this struggle and is a precondition for the successful outcome of the revolution and socialist construction. SYRIZA in Greece and the Party of the European Left at a European level operate corrosively in the communist movement with the aim of mutating CPs, regardless of whether they will keep their communist title. They promote the acceptance of the imperialist organizations, NATO and the EU, the slandering of socialism that we knew, the support for imperialist interventions and social partnership.

 We know that each CP in its country has the responsibility for adapting its strategy and tactics in order to develop the class struggle more effectively. However this has nothing to do with the invocation of “specificities” in order to support the substitution of the revolutionary path by parliamentarianism and the relegation of socialism into governmental changes which will manage bourgeois society. The socialist revolution and construction are governed by specific laws such as the objective character of the revolutionary situation, the non-existence of a stage between capitalism and socialism, the socialization of the means of production and central planning.

The CPs have the responsibility to contribute and participate in the efforts and initiatives for the regroupment of the International Communist Movement, which is still in an ideological, political and organizational crisis. The unity of the International Communist Movement is not a given. It is a difficult, complex problem that can only be resolved through the creation of solid foundations that will based on the Marxist-Leninist worldview, the principles of the class struggle and the revolutionary strategy.

The KKE together with other CPs are striving for the better coordination of the communist and workers’ parties both at an international level and at a European level through the annual European Communist Meetings. While, at the same time,  the formation of the “INITIATIVE” for the study of European issues and the coordinated struggle of the CPs in Europe, in which 29 CPs already participate, is an important step in this direction in order to reinforce the activity and struggle of the communists in Europe against the EU, this inter-state imperialist union, and expose the dangerous role of opportunism and the so-called Party of the European Left.

With these thoughts we would like to wish your Congress every success.

International Relations Section of the KKE


Budapest, November 2015

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Hungarian Workers’ Party we send our best wishes and fraternal greetings to the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain and to all members and friends of your party.

We, Hungarian communists highly appreciate your consequent fight against capitalism, for peace and socialism. You have done a lot against austerity and privatisation, against all consequences of capitalist policy. We wish you great successes in your efforts to create a united, militant and political labour movement to defeat the ruling class offensive.

Your work and struggle means a very valuable and important contribution to the common fight of the international communist and workers’ movement against imperialism generally and in particular against new attacks of capitalist forces against working people of Europe.

We highly appreciate and support the internationalist policy of your party. We thank the solidarity and support of the Communist Party of Britain, which we received in the most difficult hours of our fight in Hungary.

We want to go together with the Communist Party of Britain in the struggle against the aggressive policy of NATO, in particular the dangers posed by the EU-NATO interventions in Eastern Europe. We are ready to cooperate to create strong opposition to the EU.


The Hungarian Workers’ Party regained its status as the strongest non-parliamentary party in Hungary. The Hungarian communist combine the everyday struggles with the longer-term goal of opening the way to a socialist future in Hungary and Europe.

We are interested in your success and we will do our best to help your struggle.

Comradely yours

Gyula Thürmer


Hungarian Workers’ Party


Message of international greetings from the Tudeh Party of Iran to the 53rd Congress of Communist Party of Britain

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran sends its warmest internationalist greetings to the Communist Party of Britain on the occasion of its 53rd Congress.

We wish your 53rd Congress every success in formulating the policies of your fraternal party for the difficult struggles to reverse the catastrophic policies of the neo-liberal coalition government in Britain. The key policy documents before your congress for discussion and adoption demonstrate deep Marxist- Leninist analysis of the direction of political developments in Britain, Europe and internationally.  It is our profound belief that the Communist Party of Britain, based on its rich experience gained during more than nine decades of struggle for peace and progress, can offer tested leadership in the popular struggle for peace, progress and social justice. 

We would like to take this opportunity to restate our profound commitment to the long standing fraternal relations with the CPB which have been tested and developed in the course of the struggles of our two parties. 

We would like to express our profound appreciation and thanks for the consistent solidarity extended by the CPB towards Iran’s working class and its party, the Tudeh Party of Iran, in their struggle for peace, democracy and social justice. The fraternal relations between our two parties in essence go back to the period when Iranian communists were fighting the policies of the British government in the Middle East and its support for the continuation of the plundering of Iran’s wealth through the Anglo Iranian Oil Company, the forerunner of British Petroleum.   British communists condemned the Coup d’état,  planned and implemented by the CIA and MI6, against the democratically elected nationalist government of Dr Mossadegh in August 1953 that resulted in the imposition of the Shah’s dictatorship which lasted 25 years and until the February Revolution of 1979.    

Since the defeat of the Iranian revolution in the early 1980s, British communists have been steadfast in the campaign of solidarity with the popular movement for peace, solidarity and social justice in Iran. We would like to thank the CPB leadership for taking action to oppose the inhuman policies of the ruling theocratic regime against Iranian communists, trade unionists, women campaigners for equality and progressive youth. Similarly the CPB has taken an unambiguous role in opposing Britain, the US, EU and NATO threats of foreign intervention in Iran.   

Dear Comrades;

Your 53rd Congress is taking place in the context of a very complex period of international relations.  The economic crisis of global capitalism is still creating havoc in the world and has shown the depth of bankruptcy of the capitalist system in finding a solution to its crisis. 

We have closely followed the struggle of the CPB for the formation of the widest possible unity in the struggle of the British labour and trade union movement in the face of capitalist onslaught and barbarity.  We admire the constructive and unique role that your party plays in the trade union and the peace movements. Your unique contribution towards the formation and development of the People’s Assembly in recent years is a very important example of communist leadership. 

Your clear internationalist positions in defence of peace and popular struggles for human and democratic rights, social justice and democracy across the world is appreciated.  Nowhere are these clearer, more consistent and militant than in relation to the Middle East in general and to Palestine in particular. 

Dear Comrades

Today the Middle East is the focus of the carefully orchestrated attempts of imperialism to consolidate its hegemony in the region and to ensure unrivaled control of the flow of oil, ability to freely plunder the region’s resources and to exploit its markets.  Whether in relation to its reaction to the rise of ‘Islamic State’ terror, or the 5+1 negotiation to resolve the long running dispute over Iran’s access to nuclear technology, or the solution to the Palestinian problem, the main aim has been to consolidate the political and economic hegemony of the imperialist powers in the region.

The US is exploiting fully the political, economic and social crisis in Iran brought about by eight ruinous years of Ahmadinejad’s government. The ruling regime is politically repressive and its social outlook is frighteningly backward and reactionary, while at the same time its economic approach is based on harsh neoliberal economics.  However the US has embraced a policy of detente with the theocratic regime of which the main outcomes will be the perpetuation of theocratic dictatorship in Iran and the regime’s playing a ‘constructive’ part in the final implementation of the US “New Middle East Plan” in return.

Hence the US is reconfiguring the major elements of its policy on the basis of this “New Middle East Plan”.  It is not an exaggeration to state that there is now a high probability of the rearrangement of elements within US foreign policy in the region on the basis of its collaboration with the ruling ‘Political Islam’ in Iran, the growing role and influence of Iran’s regime in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in the stabilization of the political conditions in favor of US plans and the easing of tension between Iran and the US.  It can be argued that the main threat posed against US global hegemony and imperialist countries is not from the various shades of ‘Political Islam’ in the Middle East; in fact they have in the final analysis proved to offer unique opportunities to imperialism to pursue its plans. The main threat towards the present unipolar world order dominated by the US is from the fast growing economies of those countries that do not follow the so called ‘Washington Consensus’-  namely BRICS countries and in particular China. The Pacific region is where the US is focusing its direct militaristic efforts and the control of the flow of oil from the Middle East is a power tool in containing and managing the direction of the economies of the other countries aligned with the interests of global capitalism.

Dear comrades;

Our country, Iran, is going through a very sensitive period in which the people's movement for democracy, human rights and social justice has reached a critical stage.  The people’s campaign for democracy in Iran has an organic linkage with the struggle of the popular movement against the imperialist plan for the Middle East and our country.

The Tudeh Party of Iran continues its efforts to organise the masses and strongly believes that the current popular protest movement, if organised and united, could pave the way for fundamental, democratic and progressive changes in Iran.  The regime is resorting to brute force and open repression to frustrate our efforts.  To this end the active solidarity of public opinion and in particular the labour and trade union movement internationally is crucial.

Dear comrades;

We wish your 53rd Congress every success in formulating your programme for advancing the agenda for peace, unity of the working class in the fight for social justice and on the path towards a socialist future.  You can be assured of our continued militant and unwavering solidarity.

We salute you in your struggle for peace, progress and socialism.  May victory be yours!

Long live the Communist Party of Britain!

Long live fraternal relations between the Communist Party of Britain and the Tudeh Party of Iran!

Long live International Solidarity!

With best wishes for your success

In comradeship

The Central Committee, the Tudeh Party of Iran



Dear Comrades,

We convey to you the warmest greetings of the Iraqi Communist Party, wishing the 53rdCongress of your fraternal party every success in its deliberations to develop its role in the just fight to defend the interests and democratic rights of the British working class and people. We are confident that the Congress will contribute to building a united front of the British labour movement and the Left and confronting more effectively the onslaught of monopoly capitalism and the ruling class offensive. This battle is also part and parcel of the efforts to achieve united action of progressive forces worldwide against war, neo-liberalism and imperialism, as well as combating far right tendencies and racism, and promoting socialist ideas and goals. It requires, more than ever before, strengthening international solidarity against the warmongering policies of imperialism and the onslaught of capitalist globalization. In the current international situation, there is an urgent need to provide genuine support for ongoing struggles all over the world for peace, freedom, democracy and social progress.

We seize this occasion to express our appreciation for your internationalist support and solidarity with the struggle of our Iraqi people and Iraqi communists and democrats. In line with this principled position, we hope that the Iraqi issue, especially in view of the barbaric terrorist onslaught by Isis and interference by imperialism, will be among the priorities of your party’s international work in the coming period.

Dear Comrades,

On the 10th of June 2014, the terrorist organization known as “Isis”, and its allies including remnants and supporters of Saddam’s fascist dictatorship, launched an attack on the city of Mosul, seizing control of Iraq’s second largest city and unleashing a wave of barbaric crimes against tens of thousands of innocent civilians. In the days and weeks that followed, the whole world witnessed crimes against humanity being committed against innocent Iraqi civilians. Religious and ethnic minorities were targeted, especially Christians, Yezidis, Turkmen and Shabak. Atrocities were committed against Yazidis, including the abduction of hundreds of young women and children. The mass killing of around 1700 unarmed young military recruits at Camp Speicher in Salahuddin province was another heinous war crime aimed at igniting sectarian strife. More mass killings have been committed recently in the Anbar province, targeting tribes that resisted Isis. The terrorist onslaught has created a humanitarian catastrophe. More than 1.6 million people have been displaced this year by violence in Iraq, with 850,000 fleeing their homes in August, according to the UN.

These barbaric crimes and the perpetrators must be unequivocally condemned. We call on fraternal parties, and all the peace-loving and progressive forces in the world, to express support and solidarity with the Iraqi people and democratic forces in their fight against the ultra-reactionary terrorist forces and political sectarianism, and for a unified democratic and federal Iraq.

Dear Comrades,

Our party has already presented to fraternal parties its analysis of the background to these developments, including social and economic factors. They cannot be isolated from what Iraq has lived through in recent years. The country has been in a deep and total crisis caused by the legacy of long years of tyranny and dictatorship, the consequences of the U.S. occupation and the interference of regional powers. Its roots lie in the sectarian-ethnic power-sharing system that has existed since 2003. The crisis has also exposed the agenda of the ruling political forces and their fighting to maintain positions in political power and privileges, while the people’s suffering and anger intensify as a result of rampant unemployment, corruption and poor public services, health and education, in addition to the deteriorating security situation.

In response to the terrorist onslaught of Isis and its allies, our party has stressed the need for the formation of a broad national unity government on the basis of a comprehensive national program. This is needed to heal the national fabric, resolve the differences that have paralyzed the national effort, and adopt a host of political, economic and social measures that will strengthen the armed forces and enable them to regain control as soon as possible of the cities and towns that were ravaged by the terrorists. The party has also called for convening a National Conference in order to review the political process and address the root cause of the ongoing crisis, by ridding it of sectarian-ethnic power-sharing and political sectarianism. This is the only path forward to build a unified democratic and federal Iraq.

Communists and their party organizations all over Iraq have been actively involved in the national effort to fight and defeat the ultra-reactionary terrorists and provide humanitarian support to the displaced communities. They are playing, along with other democratic forces, a vital role in combating sectarianism, chauvinism and nationalist bigotry, preserving national unity and upholding human and democratic rights.  

Communists are also firmly opposed to the schemes that are aimed at dividing Iraq along sectarian lines. It is up to the Iraqi people to decide their own fate, democratically, with their own independent will, without interference by any outside powers, and rejecting attempts to impose designs that serve imperialist agenda for hegemony and exploitation.

Dear Comrades,

In this just struggle waged by the Iraqi people, international solidarity is indispensible. All forms of international support extended to Iraq in its battle against terrorism should be based on international legitimacy and within the framework of the UN. In this respect, our party is against foreign ground troops entering Iraqi territories which would constitute a serious violation of national sovereignty, with regional strategic and political repercussions that would increase instability and tension in the region. Such a military presence would serve imperialist designs and reactionary regional agenda, against the interests of the Iraqi people.

In addition, it is of utmost importance to continue humanitarian help to the hundreds of thousands of displaced people. Effective measures are also needed to cut off the funding flowing from reactionary regional and Arab forces, as well as blocking all external human resources and material support, to “Isis” and its allies.  

Dear Comrades,

Once again, we express our high appreciation for the support and solidarity extended to our party as it continues its struggle under exceptionally difficult conditions. We look forward to strengthening the historic fraternal relations between our two parties in the joint struggle for freedom, democracy and social progress, and in upholding the values of socialism and communism.

With our best comradely wishes for a successful 53rd Congress

The Central Committee

Iraqi Communist Party



 The Japanese Communist Party extends you its greetings of solidarity on the occasion of the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain.

We hope that the Congress of PCB will make much success in defense and development of people’s life and social progress of Britain and Europe.

I also express our hope that cooperation between our two parties will be developed for tasks such as elimination of nuclear weapons, dissolution of all military blocks as well as achieving a peaceful and just world.


Vice Chairperson of the Executive Committee

Chairperson of the International Commission

Central Committee, the Japanese Communist Party



 Beirut, 31 October 2014

 Dear Comrades,

 On the occasion of the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain, we present to you, and through you, to all the Communists in Britain, the warmest comradely wishes for the success of this Congress, which raises the call “For a United Militant and Political Labour Movement to Defeat the Ruling Class Offensive, For International Unity, Against Imperialist Aggression”.

 Also we do not forget the international side of the slogan, the international unity against imperialist aggression.

Lebanon and the Arab region, from Syria to Iraq, especially Palestine, are living critical stage in the confrontation with the new imperialist project which is led by the United States, under the banner of NATO. Who created a terrorism, which wears in our countries religious cover, is the imperialism, with the support of reactionary Arab and Middle East forces, especially Turkey, which forms the counter-attack to the  uprisings and revolutions of our people. The goal of this counter-attack is to expand the control of the Middle East, which is a key area in the oil and gas wars, in addition to its important geo – political position.

Dear Comrades,

 We have read with interest what is stated in the draft of your decisions on the domestic and international levels. We see a lot of common points between us in the analysis of the capitalist crisis and how to face the attempts of the financial oligarchy which tries to blame and throw the burdens of the crisis on the working class. Here comes, in particular, the efforts to unify the international communist movement, and the role of the “International Meeting of the Communist and Workers' Parties” can play a great role in this unification. We cannot face the globalized capitalist project unless there is unity among the communist movements based on political and ideological grounds and through an eco-social program unify besidethe international working class all those who are affected by the capitalist system and those who struggle for radical change of the capitalist system.

Comradely solidarity with your struggle

 Socialism is the Future


Communist Party of Norway: Proletarian Internationalist Greetings to Your 53rd Congress 15th - 16th of November 2014.

We wish you great success in Your debate on your two Resolutions:

- For a unified Militant and Political Labour Movement to defeat the Ruling Class Offensive.

- For International Unity against Imperialist Aggression.
We hope you will be able to find ways to develop the class fight, and thereby the class understanding and spirit of the Working Class and the People.
This will be necessary to fight the Bourgeois' hegemony in Britain in Your fight against Imperialism, Fascism and War, for Socialism.

We wish you success for the work in Your Conferance!


Runa Evensen Chairman
Svend Haakon Jacobsen General Secretary  


 Dear comrades :

Through you, the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP-1930, the Philippine Communist Party) sends its warmest fraternal greetings and solidarity to the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) which will be held in London on November 15 to 16, 2014.

Our two parties have similar struggles against austerity and privatization, and we find inspiration in your campaign to combat the ruling Tory-LibDem agenda of privatizing public schools and the National Health Services ; your campaign for public ownership of strategic sectors including the energy, mass transport and financial sectors ; and your campaign for the imposition of a “Wealth Tax”.  

We stand in solidarity with your campaign for the abolition of the archaic institutions that are the monarchy and the house of lords ; with your movement for building up a People’s Assembly ; and with your struggle for the dismantling of the neo-liberal and militarist structures that are the EU and NATO.

We note your highlighting of the feminization of poverty, and are sad that this malady which used to be endemic to neo-colonial countries with high unemployment is now also a trend in your country. This only shows the extent to which neo-liberal globalization has “globalized” poverty, and the extent to which the Tory-LibDem coalition has inflicted barbaric cuts on the living standards and democratic rights of the British people.

But still, more hard-won gains made by the British working class in past decades of struggle are in danger of being reversed by these ruling champions of neo-liberalism and imperialism. However, we are confident that the CPB’s deep roots in the British labour movement, and the CPB’s unifying approach towards the masses, will bring success to your campaign to forge a broad left platform to defeat the ruling “ConDems” and their Blair-type special agents.

            As we greet your 53RD Congress, we salute the CPB’s firm upholding of the spirit of proletarian internationalism. Our unity and solidarity in the common struggle to end imperialism and to advance to socialism, are indispensable.

            Finally, we wish every success to the 53RD Congress of the CPB, and to all the activities of the CPB to be set by this Congress.

                                                                                                 With communist greetings,

                                                                                                 ANTONIO  E.  PARIS

                                                                                                General Secretary, PKP-1930


Message of greetings from the Portuguese Communist Party to the 53rd Congress of the CPB

Lisbon, November 11, 2014

Dear Comrades,

The Portuguese Communist Party greets the delegates to the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain and, through you, all Communists and working people of your country. We are certain that your Congress will contribute to strengthen the CPB and your struggle for the rights of the British working class, for peace, social progress and socialism.

This year we mark 100 years since the onset of the First Great War and 75 years since the beginning of World War II. These were two enormous tragedies for Humanity, which show well the criminal, war-mongering and destructive nature of the capitalist system.

The peoples paid a heavy price for the inter-imperialist disputes, for the major economic crisis brought about by the capitalist system, for the recourse of most European ruling classes to fascism and war, in an attempt to preserve their class rule and their system of exploitation and oppression. But the brutality of the capitalist system also gave rise to resistance and revolt. With the genius of Lenin's leadership, in November 1917 – 97 years ago – the working class and working people of Russia staged the first socialist revolution in History, opening up a new era for Humankind. The revolution was a source of inspiration for the uprising by the German workers, soldiers and sailors which, in November 1918, put an end to World War I. The edification of socialism in the USSR decisively contributed to the defeat of Nazi-fascism in 1945 and brought about a profound change in the world balance of forces, ensuring social advances hitherto unknown to the peoples of the world. It is no mere coincidence that the subsequent destruction of the Soviet Union and of the socialist system in eastern Europe ushered in a new phase of profound social, economic and political regression for the peoples of the world, as well as an escalation of imperialist war-mongering and national and class oppression.

The outbreak of a new major economic crisis of capitalism in 2008, which eloquently confirmed fundamental laws of the capitalist economy discovered by Marx a century and a half ago, as well as the evident incapacity of the system to overcome that crisis, has brought about a qualitative leap in the aggressiveness of present-day capitalism.

Confronted with a steep decline in their economic hegemony, the old imperialist powers are today responding to the economic emergence of new countries, by stepping up militarism and by bringing back the spectre of major and catastrophic military confrontations. The situation of generalized war in the Middle East and other parts of the world, such as Ukraine, and the sponsorship, financing and arming by imperialism of brutal terrorist gangs, linked to religious fundamentalism and even to traditional fascism, are an eloquent expression of the level of barbarity of present-day capitalism.

In this context, the European Union increasingly confirms itself as one of the main agents of the offensive by the capitalist system, in its quest to recover the positions it had lost during the 20th century and to impose upon the peoples of our continent a brutal regression in living standards and in social, economic and even political rights. The alignment of the EU – NATO's European pillar – with the most war-mongering and aggressive policies of US imperialism, confirms the class nature that always characterized the EU, an imperialist pole at the service of big capital of the great European powers.

Confronted with a brutal class offensive, which in our country has imposed the most severe social and economic regression since the April Revolution of 40 years ago, our Party has done everything to mobilize the workers and other social strata that are profoundly affected by the crisis and by the anti-people offensive carried out by the right-wing parties, in connivance with the Socialist Party, under the sponsorship of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

The past three years have seen an important movement of struggle, marked by several general strikes and national demonstrations, as well as sectoral and local struggles, led by the Portuguese workers' great trade union central, CGTP-IN, and also important movements of local communities in defense of public services that are being destroyed by policies at the service of domestic and international big finance capital.

This period revealed a united Party, geared for action, which is growing and strengthening its positions, also in electoral terms. We do not underestimate the difficulties that lie ahead. But we are confident that our people's unity and struggle will be capable of changing the balance of forces andcontribute towards a political alternative and a patriotic and left-wing policy and government. In order to confront imperialism's brutal offensive, it is indispensable to strengthen the struggle of the workers and peoples of the world, seeking the broadest possible unity of all progressive and anti-imperialist forces. Communists have an irreplaceable role to play in organizing this struggle and achieving this unity.

Long live the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain!

Long live the friendship and solidarity between the PCP and the CPB!

The Central Committee of the

Portuguese Communist Party



Estimados camaradas,

En ocasión del 53º Congreso de vuestro Partido, queremos expresaros nuestra solidaridad con vuestra labor y vuestro esfuerzo, que son de gran valor a la hora de lograr el avance de los intereses y aspiraciones de los pueblos en el mundo entero, frente al poder del imperialismo. Os deseamos los mayores éxitos en vuestro Congreso.

Saludos cordiales,

        Juan de Dios Villanueva
        Responsable Relaciones Internacionales PCE

Dear Comrades,

On the occasion of the 53rd Congress of your Party, we want to express our solidarity with your work and effort, which are of great value in order to achieve the advance of the interests and aspirations of the peoples in the whole world, in the face of the power of imperialism. We wish you the greatest successes in your Congress.

Best regards,

        Juan de Dios Villanueva
        International Relations PCE


Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Greeting message to the 53rd Congress of the CP of Britain

Dear Comrades from the Communist Party of Britain, on behalf of the Central Committee of PCPE, I convey fraternal communist and internationalist greetings on the occasion of the 53rd Congress of your Party.

We salute the long history of your Party and the struggle of the British Communists throughout the decades.

The Communists in Spain will always appreciate the participation of the British Communistsin the British Battalion who fought in the 15th Brigade of the Spanish People's Army in our National Revolutionary War of 1936-39, when the Spanish people confronted fascism and reaction with the help of thousands of international brigadiers.

Today, the intensification of the contradictions within the world imperialist system puts the peoples of the world in face of the danger of new wars, resulting from the inability of the big monopolies to raise their rate of profit. We consider it is essential to raise a strong global movement for peace and against imperialist wars.

At the same time we believe it is necessary to join forces in the struggle against the imperialist alliance of states that is the European Union. We know the position of your party on the matter and we are confident that we can cooperate more in the future, on this and other issues.

Comrades, we wish every success to your 53rd Congress.

Long live the Communist Party of Britain!



The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka conveys its revolutionary greetings and best wishes to the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain. It expresses fraternal solidarity for your struggles for the cause of the British working class.

We wish to recall the traditional fraternal relations between our two parties which go back as far as the 1920s and 30s when the founding leaders of our party were closely associated with the activities of your party, as Sri Lankan students studying in London.  In their young days, the British Working Class Movement and the British Communist Movement were sources of inspiration to them.

Your message of greeting to the 20th Congress of our party inspired and encouraged our party members very much.

The critis of neo-liberalism which erupted in Seotember 007 and continued till the end of 2013 brougyht about disastrous consequences for the entire world and in particular the developed economies of the US and Europe.

The much anticipated recovery has failed to kick off global issues which affect the world community and are areas of common struggle for the Communists of Britain and Sri Lanka.  The trends of chauvinism and religious fundamentalism are the latest challenges facing the working class.  This is the time when relations between our parties should be further strengthened.

We re-iterate our wish and determination to consolidate further relations between our two parties.

We wish your 53rd Congress success.

Dew Gunasekara

General Secretary



October 27, 2014

To Comrade Robert Griffiths, General Secretary, Communist Party of Britain, to the delegates of your 53rd Party Congress, and to your membership:

It is with great pleasure that the Communist Party USA extends its warmest expressions of solidarity to the Communist Party of Britain on the occasion of your 53rd Party Congress, to be held in London on November 15th and 16th.

We have read the materials which you sent out and recognize the many common themes that unite our two parties and others in the world communist and workers’ movement:  The need to strengthen the independent role of labor and the working class in the fight against the capitalist offensive, and the need to build the greatest possible unity, rooted above all in the working class, to defeat imperialist aggression all over the world, whether it be Libya, Ukraine, Latin America or wherever.

The struggle against neo-liberal economic and trade policies is the same in our country as in yours.  We have been working to stop a free trade pact called the Transpacific Partnership, which would link the economies of the Americas and East Asia on a neoliberal, corporate dominated basis.  This links to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the United States and the European Union.  These and similar corporate-dominated arrangements must be fought by international working class solidarity, and our parties have a major role to play in that.

Our two parties both operate within the “belly of the beast” to borrow a phrase from the Cuban national independence hero José Martí, in the sense that we fight within the structures of major imperialist powers.  Within the contest of work with labor unions and other social forces, electoral politics, cultural work and left journalism, to name just a few items, we have learned much from each other and will continue to do so.

We hope that the 53rd Party Congress of the Communist Party of Britain is a resounding success, and wish you and your members, as well as the British working class, all the best.



Caracas, 14 de Noviembre de 2014

Estimados Camaradas:

Saludos camaradas, desde el Comité Central del Partido Comunista de Venezuela queremos transmitirles una  atenta y fraternal felicitación por la realización del 53 º Congreso del Partido Comunista de Bretaña, que se lleva a cabo en Londres del 15 al 16 de noviembre.

Los trabajadores del mundo enfrentan una feroz ofensiva imperialista, que busca profundizar y expandir el modelo de dominio hegemónico de EE.UU como única potencia del Orbe.

Además del aspecto militar de esta ofensiva, las políticas económicas que implementan los administradores del gran capital, exfolian los salarios y las reivindicaciones de los trabajadores, sometiéndolos a leoninos compromisos laborales con sus explotadores.

Frente a este escenario, solo la mayor unidad de los proletarios del mundo con el Partido de la Clase Obrera en la vanguardia, tendrá la posibilidad de enfrentar esta arremetida imperialista.

Desde el Partido Comunista de Venezuela confiamos que las discusiones que desarrollan los delegados del 53 º Congreso del Partido Comunista de Bretaña, sobre la unidad internacional contra la agresión imperialista y para una unidad militante y política del movimiento obrero para la derrota de la ofensiva de la clase dominante, aportaran importantes valoraciones para la lucha de la clase obrera en Bretaña y el mundo.

Apreciados camaradas, en el Partido Comunista de Venezuela les manifiesta nuestros mejores deseos por el éxito del 53 º Congreso del Partido Comunista de Bretaña.

Viva el Internacionalismo Proletario

Viva el Partido Comunista de Bretaña

Viva el 53 º Congreso del Partido Comunista de Bretaña

Hasta la Victoria Siempre



Dear Comrades,

On the occasion of the 53rd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB), we would like to extend to the Congress, and through the Congress, to all CPB members our warmest greetings.

            We highly value the precious support which the British communists and people have given to the Vietnamese people in our past struggle for national independence as well as in our present cause of the national construction and defense.

May CPB’s 53rd Congress be crowned with success, hence actively contributing to the common struggle of the British progressive, left and communist forces and population for their civic and democratic rights, and for social progress and equity as well.

May the relationship of friendship and solidarity between CPB and the Communist Party of Vietnam, and between the Vietnamese and the British people be further consolidated and developed.




 NKPJ salute the The 53nd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia express to you the most cordial revolutionary congratulations on the full success of the The 53nd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain.

We highly appreciate that you have struggled against aggressive and dominative manoeuvres of imperialists to defend world peace and develop socialism.

We are confident the work of the The 53nd Congress of the Communist Party of Britain  will be successful in mapping a way forward through the very challenging times confronting the people of the world with threats mounting from a global capitalist economic crisis and increasingly reckless and aggressive US-led imperialism.

We are convinced that the friendly relation between us will be further developed supporting each other in the international arena under the ideal of independence against imperialism, peace and friendship.

Hoping great success in your works!
Long live working class internationalism!
Militant greetings!
Batric Mijovic,
general secretary of NKPJ