International CP meet

CPB General Secretary addresses Moscow conference

ROBERT GRIFFITHS participated in this weekend's conference in Moscow on 'Marx's Capital and its Impact on World Development'. This is the text of his speech:

In 1867, Marx wrote to Johann Becker that Das Kapital would be 'without question the most terrible MISSILE that has yet been hurled at the heads of the bourgeoisie'. 

Ever since, Capital has armed the working class with the Theory of Surplus Value, explaining why and how labour power is exploited to the profit of the capitalist class.

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The world's communist and workers' parties met in Hanoi , Vietnam, over the weekend to discuss strategy and tactics in response to  'capitalist crisis and the imperialist offensive'.

More than 100 delegates from 59 different parties reaffirmed their commitment to the 'struggle for peace, workers' and people's rights and socialism'.

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