The 13th international meeting of communist and workers' parties opened in Athens on Friday (December 9), with an address from Greek Communist Party general secretary Aleka Papariga.
  She warned 140 representatives of 78 parties of the danger of a 'more generalised military conflict' in the eastern Mediterranean, Black Sea and Middle East region. 
  This was an area of 'geo-strategic' importance, she pointed out, with its rich natural resources and vital supply routes.
  Restating the Greek Communist Party's opposition to all imperialist wars, Ms Papariga declared that 'regardless of the pretexts which will be used, we elaborate the strategy of transforming the war into a struggle for power'.
  'The people must not shed their blood for the interests of the imperialists', she insisted, 'whether for their own or others'.
  Turning to the turmoil in the eurozone and the imposition of a bankers' government on the people of Greece, the communist leader argued that 'there is an impasse in the bourgeois management of the crisis'.
  She believed that the 'classic recipes' to resolve a crisis of capitalist over-production and over-accumulation can no longer be managed as in the past, because the consequences in terms of mass unemployment and poverty were too great.
  Urging unity between the labour movement and its allies, the self-employed, small business people and small farmers, she called for 'endurance' to frustrate the worst policies of the Athens government.
  'What is required today is the planning and escalation of resistance, to buy time for the counter-attack to overthrow the power of the monopolies and the bourgeois political system in favour of working-class peoples' power and socialism', Ms Papariga declared.
  The Greek Communist Party and its trade union arm PAME (the All-Workers Militant Front) have been at the forefront of mass strikes and demonstrations against the austerity and privatisation policies of the country's governments and the European Union.
  The Athens meeting of communist and workers' parties is the biggest so far since the annual event began in 1999 and includes representatives from the big communist parties of Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, Cuba, Portugal and Venezuela.