The 13th annual meeting of the world’s communist and workers’ parties ended in Athens at the weekend with a trip to the picket line.

  Scores of overseas delegates visited the Mittal steelworks at Attica, on the outskirts of the Greek capital. The 400 workers at the plant are in the seventh week of their strike against redundancies and massive cuts in pay hours.
  After descending upon the gates to loud acclaim from hundreds of strikers and their families, the communists heard steel union president Giorgos Sifonios pledge contined support for the steelworkers' struggle.
  ‘If necessary we will celebrate Christmas right here, where we will stay until the redundancy programme is reversed and contracts restored’, he declared. Speakers from parties in Belgium, Russia, Palestine and South Africa delivered messages of solidarity from every continent.
  ‘Workers of all lands – unite, that’s the slogan of today as it was in the Communist Manifesto over 150 years ago’, Communist Party of Venezuela general secretary Oscar Figuera announced to huge applause.
  The Athens international meeting concluded on Sunday with the adoption of a resolution  calling upon workers, women, farmers and young people to fight together to put an end to capitalism.
  ‘Only socialism can create the conditions for the eradication of wars, unemployment, hunger, misery, illiteracy, the insecurity of hundreds of millions of people and the destruction of the environment’, the representatives of 78 communist and workers’ parties agreed.
  They also endorsed statements in solidarity with the Palestinian people, with Greek working people resisting the austerity policies of the bankers and the European Union, and opposing imperialist intervention in Syria, Iran, Cyprus and Venezuela.
  As a sign of growing international coordination, the delegations committed their parties to highlight the needs of women, migrant and young workers in next year’s May Day events, celebrate the victory over fascism in Europe on May 9, 1945, demonstrate against NATO around the time of its Chicago summit on May 20-21, step up campaigning for the release of the Miami Five, hold a day of action against EU anti-communism on August 23 and to help organise events to mark International Working Women’s Day (March 8) and the 95th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.