The world's communist and workers' parties met in Hanoi , Vietnam, over the weekend to discuss strategy and tactics in response to  'capitalist crisis and the imperialist offensive'.

More than 100 delegates from 59 different parties reaffirmed their commitment to the 'struggle for peace, workers' and people's rights and socialism'.

At the eventOpening the 18th such international meeting aince 1998, the head of the governing Communist Party of Vietnam's commission for external relations emphasised the continuing importance of national independence and sovereignty in this era of capitalist globalisation.

Hoang Binh Quan inisisted on the obligation of countries to abide by the United Nations Charter and international law instead of intervening in other nations' internal affairs and using or threatening military force to resolve disputes.

He proclaimed Vietnam's own commitment to upholding national sovereignty and building a socialist society on the basis of self-reliance, cooperation and sustainable development.

In the opening day's addresses, representatives from numerous parties referred to Britain's vote on June 23 against continuing membership of the European Union. Most welcomed the referendum result, branding the EU in its alliance with NATO as 'expansionist', 'exploitative' and 'unreformable'. For communists in Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Cyprus and Portugal, the people of Britain had shown that it is possible to reject European integration based on neoliberal austerity, privatisation and militarism and which negates sovereignty and democracy.