The Communist Party sends its deepest condolences to the people of Norway and to the Labour Youth League after the terrible events in Oslo and Utoya.

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those who died, and to those who survived these barbaric attacks.

Britain's communists express their solidarity with all who face attack from racist and fascist terrorism.

The atrocities in Norway reveal the extent of the dangers posed by racist and fascist extremism to ordinary citizens across Europe.

Rather than spend so much time monitoring and disrupting the legitimate, non-violent campaigning activities of workers, students, socialists, communists and others, the forces of the state should concentrate on the activites of the extreme racist and fascist right whose aim is to foment hatred, terror and racial warfare in our countries.

Ending Western imperialist and NATO military intevention in Arab and Muslim countries would also begin to change the conditions in which terrorism from different sources has advanced in Britain and elsewhere.

In the struggle against the extreme right, against imperialist war and in defence of democratic freedoms, the Communist Party urges maximum unity between all left, progressive and democratic forces in our society.