Venezuela Under Threat

venezuela_under_threatThe launch of VENEZUELA UNDER THREAT: YES TO SOCIAL PROGRESS, NO TO US INTERVENTION was greeted with enthusiasm on Saturday when over 250 people attended two launch events. The initiative aims to not only celebrate Venezuela's social achievements, but also raise awareness of the new US militarization of Latin America, the counter-offensive against the shift to the left in the region and what this means for Venezuela.

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INDICTMENT: against Barakeh, deputy speaker of Israeli Knesset

Barakeh_on_Israeli_CP_demoProtest is growing against the legal assault on Israeli communists. In November 2009 the Israeli judicial authorities stepped up their campaign to take out Mohamad Barakeh, one of the lion's of the middle east. Send support to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Support Socialist Cuba

Cuba Solidarity Campaign have launched a campaign to put pressure on MPs & prospective parliamentary candidates, in the run up to the general election and the review of the EU common position on Cuba. Go to the Britain & Cuba website to learn more.

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