Venezulan CP on May Day MarchSimultaneous pickets of the US embassy in London and the US consolate in Edinburgh will be held at 11am this Sunday as part of the global day of solidarity for Venezuela this Sunday. This day of solidarity was called in response to the signing of the executive order signed by President Obama which declared Venezuela as “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States."

Read in for the response and appeal from our sister party the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) to the signing of the executive order:

We characterize this as an aggressive attack implemented by American imperialism in the framework of its multifaceted offensive against our country.

This statement is a superb, aggressive, militaristic, belligerent and defiant response of imperialism in defense of their lackeys in Venezuela. It is also framed in the tactics developed by imperialism in its attempt to rebuild its hegemony and geostrategic control over the world.

The Communist Party of Venezuela appreciates the support and solidarity with the Venezuelan people, the PCV and the government of President Nicolas Maduro that the international forces of peace and progress have clearly expressed through messages and the visit of world organizations to our country, as the recent visit of more than 50 international delegates as part of the solidarity mission promoted by the World Federation of Democratic Youth, the World Peace Council and the Continental Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Students.

The offensive of imperialism is just beginning therefore we call on the international forces of peace and progress to show solidarity with Venezuela and actively manifest it.

In this sense the joint call for a Global Day of Action in solidarity with Venezuela for next April 19 to be held in different countries, has been raised to the group of organizations that have been accompanying Venezuela with their solidarity and support. The objective of this event will be to give a clear and strong message to imperialism: Venezuela is not alone and the best of the world supports and accompanies us! This initiative is framed within the “International and national anti-imperialist offensive of the Communist Party of Venezuela”.

Comrades, we count on your support and active solidarity. We extend fraternal greeting from the Homeland of Bolivar, where the Working Class and People will continue to advance towards the construction of the socialist society.