Communist Party and Left forces in Russia, which neighbours the Ukraine have slated the decision to outlaw the CPU. The party refused to change its name, symbols or water down its programme of national unity, anti-austerity and support for sovereignty. The activities of the Communist Party of Ukraine has officially banned by the court. For all those who cherish the ideals of freedom, equality and friendship among peoples, for those who remember the lessons of history, what happened means one thing: a fascist dictatorship in Kiev got its complete design. On the map of Europe reappeared state leaders who are the heirs of Hitler's ideological leash. The consequences of this can be deeply tragic for the whole world and in particular - Europe.
Cynical step Ukrainian leadership is not unexpected. The coup, Implemented in Kiev in 2014, wore a distinct brown color. It was carried out the hands of those who openly declare their commitment to fascist ideology. During the massacre at the Donbass Kiev junta showed a wide range of hateful actions: terror against civilians, torture and mass murder.
Illegal Ukrainian government, following the beaten track by German Nazis, has repeatedly tried to ban the Communist Party. This met with resistance honest and responsible judges, many members of the public. The brave people risking their personal safety, did not go on about the brutal radicals. But the constant political support for the United States and their NATO accomplices to convince those who seized power in Ukraine in permissiveness. Kiev Bandera sequence mode restricts the activities of communists, encouraged the demolition of monuments of the Soviet era, has forbidden Soviet symbols, and finally got the illegal ban of the Communist Party.
The Communist Party of Ukraine selflessly defend ordinary Ukrainians, which the coup has thrown into poverty and powerlessness. She defended the ideals of brotherhood and friendship between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, while crazed fanatics screaming "we will never be brothers!". It is for these reasons that the Communist Party was on the point of attack of the Kiev authorities. Fascism, rvyas to power, always began with the ban on the Communist Party and the massacre of honest and courageous patriots.
Today, all the healthy forces of the world must stand up for the Ukrainian Communists, whose freedom and lives are at stake. There is no doubt that after the ban of the Communist Party of Kiev junta will try to unleash the individual terror. It has repeatedly proved that it is ready for this - Odessa Khatyn, political assassinations and genocide in the Donbas. We can not allow new tragedies happen!
We appeal to the leaders of the European Union: you regularly represent about the inviolability of human rights, but is not it time to stop presumptuous Ukrainian leadership? After all, you do not just demonstrate that you know how to impose their will on Kyiv. Prove the same thing a genuine willingness to act as defenders of civil rights and liberties.
At the same time the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party stresses that a number of US politicians and the European Union is directly involved in the actions of Kiev Nazis. These gentlemen in the service of the forces of globalization, leading to consciously work towards military conflagration in the hope of using it to cope with the economic crisis and strengthen its political supremacy. They deserve it, to share the responsibility with Nazi radicals on the imminent trial of history.
The Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party drew attention to the fact that the prohibition of Ukrainian Communist Party is very weak and is formally covered by the Russian media. We believe that this situation is unacceptable. No doubt: the ideology of right-wing liberal admirers quite sympathize Kiev junta that have already confirmed their actions possessed HOST. However, we are convinced that the majority thinks otherwise. Any journalist who thinks he is an honest professional is required today raise its voice in defense of those whose rights and freedoms have been violated in the most cynical way, and whose lives were under threat.
The Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party refers to the President and Prime Minister of Russia to take a proactive approach and confirmed their loyalty to the precepts of their fathers and grandfathers - the winners of fascism. It should provide all possible support to the Republic of Donbass and decide on their official recognition. This issue is long overdue. Communist Party insists on this in 2014.
Russia has powerful levers to put pressure on Poroshenko and his presumptuous youths. If you do not use political pressure today, tomorrow we all will have to defend the country with arms on Bandera fanatics.
The new offensive of pro-fascist forces threatens to fire the military all over the world and especially Europe. The Communist Party calls on all progressive forces of the country to raise their voice in defense of the Communist Party of Ukraine, in support of elementary democratic norms. Today it is too late to stop the heirs of Hitler's pack. The Communist Party calls on all honest people to unite and fight back the new warmongers. This is a danger no less formidable than international terrorism.
Defend the Ukrainian communists! Stop neo-fascism!
Chairman of the Communist Party Central Committee
GA Zyuganov.