18imcwpThe 18th international meeting of communist and workers' parties ended in Hanoi today (Monday, October 31) with 60 delegates visiting a giant clothing factory on the eastern outskirts of the Vietnamese capital.

They were received by representatives of the trade union and Communist Party workplace organisations. Garment Corporation No.12 is a state of the art plant, where thousands of workers enjoy high wages and the most modern facilities, including a large kindergarten.

Earlier, more than 100 delegates from 58 foreign parties had met Communist Party of Vietnam general secretary Nguyen Phu Trong who thanked them for their solidarity in his country's long struggle for national unity and independence against Japanese, French and US imperialism.

'Your meeting has shared our experiences, strengthened our unity and promoted practical coordination of the world's communist and workers parties in the fight for our common goal, namely, socialism', he told his guests.

This was especially important on the threshold of the 100th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution next year, General Secretary Trong added.

At the international meeting over the weekend, it was agreed to mount world-wide celebrations not only of that centenary but also of the 150th anniversary of the publication of 'Das Kapital' ('Capital') by Karl Marx.

The communist and left-wing parties declared their intention to 'enhance the mobilisation of the working people and wider masses - particularly youth, students and women - in the anti-imperialist struggle and for labour, social, trade union and democratic rights and socialism'.

They called for increased campaigning against anti-communism and all forms of discrimination, highlighting the need for solidarity with the peoples of Latin America, Africa and the Middle East including Palestine, and with the outlawed Communist Party of Ukraine.

It was also agreed to organise a week of action in many different countries in early May against the resurgence of fascism and neo-Nazism.

The 19th international meeting of communist and workers' parties will be hosted next year in October or November by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.