Join the CPB

As you will have seen from Britain's Road to Socialism (pdf here), What We Stand For,and our historical documentary 90 years of struggle, the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) is the Party of the working class, run for and by the working class. Members make the Party, and by joining us you will be participating in this historic task.

We expect members to participate, wherever possible, in activities organised by their local branch and to pay their Party dues as these fall due. Details of our dues rates may be found on the membership application form. We require an initial payment of £1.00 to cover the administrative cost of your application. Once this payment has been made, you will be redirected to a link where you can download the membership application form in PDF format. It should then be printed, completed and signed before being returned to the Party for processing.

The central office of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) is based in Croydon, UK.