CR 93 - Autumn 2019

CR 2019 Summer.Front Cover

A Grim Outlook for Britain’s Youth under Capitalism by Johnnie Hunter; National Sovereignty as the Road to Socialism by Lars Ulrik Thomsen; Remembering the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre by K L Tuteja; Marxism: A New Era, New Environment, and New Requirements by Li Jie; Hans Heinz Holz Symposium by Domenico Losurdo, Isabel Monal; Reviews by Cyprian Fernandes, John Foster; Soul Food by Mike Quille; A Centenary of Struggle by Phil Katz

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Available from 23 October 2019

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working class and proud


The Morning Star presents... "working class and proud... Out of the bosses' EU". Wear with pride, showing your support for Britain's only daily newspaper of the working class and at the same time sending a message that out means out!

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Imperialism and the Middle East (revised edition)

Imperialism and the Middle East revised"Today the crisis in the Middle East reaches into the heart of Europe as refugees from unresolved wars seek sanctuary across the continent. This has followed a century in which the destructive might of Europe’s great powers and of the United States has reached into the heart of the Middle East."

This pamphlet is a revised edition of the 2016 pamphlet based on contributions to the seminar organised in 2015 by the Coordinating Committee for Communist Parties in Britain. It has been updated with the cooperation of the International Commission of the Communist Party of Britain.

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Let's stay in...


A humourous swipe at those who believe the European Union can be changed from within! Wear your own "Let's stay in... & change it from inside" t-shirt and graphically display why such a claim is doomed to failure.

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