CR74: Winter 2015

CR74 Winter 14 15

ISSN 1474-9246. £2.50 (+p&p)

COVER STORY - Prabhat Patnaik analyses Thomas Piketty's theories contained in Capital in the 21st Century; Fernano Arribas Garcia examines the struggle of Venezuelan Communists; Hans Heinz Holz looks at Lenin's critique of Hegel's science of logic; CP's Emergency Resolution on the National Question & Constitutional Reform; Plus book reviews; debate; cartoon; CRs literary section soul food and much more.
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From each according to their means

taxation pamphlet The economics commission of the CP has produced this hard hitting discussion pmaphlet on the esssential tax reforms which should be featured in a left progressive programme, including: radical proposals to tackle tax evasion; restoring fair rates of corporation tax; introducing an innovative alternative to existing property and council taxes with one based on the actual value of land; and the introduction of an annual wealth tax aimed at the super-rich. It's a critical and comprehensive contribution to an often neglected incredibly topical issue, a must buy for any labour movement activist.

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CR73: Autumn 2014

CR73 Autumn14 websized

ISSN 1474-9246. £2.50 (p&p)

COVER STORY - Mike Quille talks to Graham Stevenson about alienation; Shiraz Durrani examines the legacy of Kenyan trade unionist and revolutionary Makhan Singh; Marxism and the War by Rajani Palme Dutt; SG Hutchins on The First International; selections from Paul Dobson's Venezuela Diary; On the Racial Theories of Thor Heyerdahl by Lars Ulrik Thomsen; Plus book reviews; debate; cartoon; CRs literary section soul food and much more.
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New Scramble for Africa

Africa scramble

ISBN 978-1-908315-07-6. International Commission of the CP. £2/£3 plus p&p

This pamphlet outlines and anlyses the accelerating scramble by major imperialist countries for control of natural resources and markets across the African continent. Much broader and more contemporary in scope than the previous pamphlet published by the CP in 2009 which dealt with the legacy and current role of British imperialism on the continent, it looks in detail at EU, US, French and British investment; the role of AfriCom and US & NATO's military objectives; the role of China; and contemporary political developments and movements of resistance in Southern and Central Africa.   

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CR72: Summer 2014

CR72 Summer14

ISSN 1474-9246. £2.50 (p&p)

COVER STORY - 100 years since the oubreak of WW1 - Declaration by Communist & Workers' Parties; a period of unrelenting wars by Joanne Stevenson; US war plans in the Pacific by Ben Chacko; From the end of wars to the abolition of exploitation by Eleni Geropanagioti; Iraqi people's struggle against war, for peace and democracy by Salam Ali; Iran's Theocracy, the 'New Middle East Peace Plan' and prospects for peace in the region by Navid Shomali; Plus book reviews; debate; cartoon; CRs literary section soul food and much more.
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OH13: World War 1

Our History 13: WW1

ISBN 978-1-908315-25-0 £1.50 (+ p&p)

John Ellison outlines the causes, consequences and the struggles against the unprecedented level of human slaughter in the trenches of the First World War. It serves as a welcome antidote to the triumphalism or consternation expressed by commemorative events thus far. 

Challenge July 14

Challenge June 14 - PA special web

Get your copy of this special issue of Challenge (June 2014; Volume 21; Issue 35), quarterly magazine of the Young Communist League. Featuring reports on the EU Elections and demonstrations against the rising tide of fascism in Ukraine. Articles include: Impact of Imperialism in Iraq; Labour - is the Party over?; YCL Summer Camp; People's Assembly - why we're marching; Back 2 Basics; Indian Elections - the Two Indias; Brazil 2014 World Cup; Socialimsm Utopian & Scientific; Book @ Bedtime - Jack London's The Iron Heel; Poetry Corner: Music Reviews; and all the latest news and views from Britain's Young Communists.



Challenge May 2014

Challenge May 2014 cover

Get your copy of the latest issue (May 2014; Volume 21; Issue 34) of the Young Communist League's Magazine. Featuring articles on the forthcoming EU elections; the continuing fight for the liberation of Women; the latest on the developing situation in Ukraine; countdown to the Scottish Independence referendum; Worker's Memorial Day; TUC Young Members Conference report; and all the latest news, views and reviews from Britain's Young Communists.


Communist Review No. 71 Spring 2014

CR71 spring14 web sized

COVER STORY - Tomorrow may not be the same by Mike Quille; and Building Jerusalem: Visions of housing in a Communist Society Q&A with Chris Guiton; The Struggle for Radical Transformation - Key Challenge of Our Time by Aluta Msebenzi; Britain's Overseas Territories - where British and US imperialisms meet; The Korean Ideology: Marxism and Juche, Part 2 by Kenny Coyle
Book Reviews: Notoriously Militant - The Story of a Union Branch by Sheila Cohen review by Graham Stevenson; Lenin Revisited by Zhang Yibing review by Martin Levy.
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