CR83 - Spring 17

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COVER STORY - The Overthrow of Tsardom, Part 1 The gathering of the storm by Andrew Rothstein; Writers and the Spanish Civil War by John Mason; Space, Time - and Dialectics, Part 4 by Martin Levy; Chinese CP contribution to IMCWP in Vietnam Revolution exhibition review by Nick Wright; The Sealed Train by Lars Ulrik Thomsen; Soul Food by Mike Quille

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CR82 - Winter 16/17

cr82ISSN 1474-9246. £2.50 (+p&p).

COVER STORY - Reflections on cultural identity and revolution by Kevin Donnelly; How should we understand what is happening in Syria by Nick Wright; The anniversay of Lenin's Imperialism by Lars Ulrik Tomsen; Space, Time - and Dialectics Part 3 by Paul Levy; Soul Food by Mike Quille

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Report of the 54th Congress

54th Congress CoverThis 54th Congress of the Communist Party of Britain took place on November 19-20 at Ruskin House in the London Borough of Croydon. More than 100 full and consultative delegates and visitors participated in extensive debates and discussions.

The main resolution 'Block the Ruling Class Offensive and Win a Left-led Government' set out the party's analysis of the current national and international situation and its campaigning priorities for the coming period.

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Dialectical and Historical Materialism

HDM A4 Final coverThis pamphlet is based on the fifth part of an introductory course on Marxism produced by the Communist Party in 1949 - edited and updated for today with the assistance of Robert Griffiths, David Grove and Graham Stevenson.

This publication is dedicated to the memory of Kevin Halpin (1927-2017), the outstanding workers' leader, chair of the militant Liaison Committee for the Defence of Trade Unions.