Imperialism And The Middle East

Imperialism and the Middle East coverThe pamphlet examines the background to the current crisis in the Middle East and the challenges this poses for the Left.

It highlights the importance of securing a sovereign Palestinian State with full powers as required by UN resolution.

It also argues that the political use of Islam, in terms of religious fundamentalism, has been a relatively new development, that the Middle East has a strong tradition of secular and socialist politics and that the rise of religious fundamentalism has been closely linked to the reactionary agendas of the regional allies of imperialism.

The pamphlet is based on contributions to the seminar organised in 2015 by the Coordinating Committee for Communist Parties in Britain and has been developed and updated with the cooperation of the International Commission of the Communist Party of Britain.


The role of the Communist Party

Role of CP pamphlet CoverThe Communist Party believes that socialist revolution and the construction of a fundamentally new type of society to replace capitalism is essential for the future of humanity and our planet.

 In all three countries of Britain, capitalism has become a barrier to balanced economic development, environmental security, social justice and meaningful democracy. The big business profit system has to be replaced by a new system – socialism – based on mass participation in decision making, social ownership of the economy, democratic planning and solidarity.

But fundamental change will also require a transfer of political power, taking it out of the hands of a small number of monopoly capitalists whose interests dominate our society.

Such a revolutionary process will have to be led by the working class – the producers of society's wealth – at the head of an alliance of forces representing the interests of the people as a whole.

What is the role of the Communist Party in helping to achieve a socialist society in England, Scotland and Wales? Why is a strong and influential Communist Party essential for victory?

This pamphlet aims to stimulate discussion and understanding of the unique role that only a communist party can play. It divides into four distinct but inter-related sections, each of which can form the basis for a political education session or class.

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CR81 - Autumn 16

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CR80 - Summer 16

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COVER STORY - Distortions of the Spanish Civil War by Ken Fuller; State monopoly capitalism Part 3 by Gretchen Binus, Beate Landefeld and Andreas Wehr; A ruling class divide ... and spurned by Nick Wright; Space, time and dialectics by Martin Levy; Internationalism by Lars Ulrik Thomsen; Soul Food: Poems from the Spanish Civil War.

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