Communist Review No. 67 Spring 2013

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In this Issue: COVER STORY - Mau Mau, The Revolutionary Force from Kenya by Shiraz Durrani; Reclaiming and Reaffirming the Politics of Liberation by Jeremy Cronin; Combatting Sexual Assaults and Violence Against Women by Communist Party of India (Marxist); Peering at Art & Literature by John Ellison; 'Educating the Educators' by Kevin Donnelly; Contradictory Rulings from two 'European' Courts by Keith Barlow;

Plus discussion - Niels Bohr and Dialectic Logic (Lars Ulrik Thomsen and Erwin Marquit); Stalin and Khrushchev (Andrew Northall)

And Soul Food - CR's regular literary section, compiled and edited by Arts editor Mike Quille

Communist Review No. 65 Autumn '12


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in this issue: Charles Dickens: The Masses, Race and Empire Ken Fuller ‘Stalin’s Purges’ of 1936-38 Part 3 Yuri Emelianov Economics and the State Joe Clark Discussion pieces on 'Stalin's Purges' from Roger Fletcher and John Ellison Reviews: Marx’s Practical Materialism; China - Globalisation Vs Socialism; London Recruits Soul Food - CR’s literary section

The EU and Alternatives to Austerity

By John Foster, ISBN 9781908315090

This pamphlet provides a detailed analysis of the role of the European Union in pushing through an agenda which has wrought economic ruin across Europe. It details the role of the EU in pursuing austerity policies, an assesment of what impact Francois Hollande's election will have and the nature of the British labour movement's response.

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Arise in Unity

Arise in unity brings together chapters from Communists across the globe that provide an alternative perspective on the international capitalist crisis. ISBN 978-81-906218-2-3  £15 + £2.50 p&p

This book brings together contributors from Communists and the left in Britain, India, South Africa, France, Russia, Cuba, China, Brazil, USA, Germany and a host of other countries to provide a comprehensive overview of the crisis, resistance to it, and the alternative that needs to be fought for and won.

Contributors include: Fidel Castro, Sitaram Yechury, Robert Griffiths, Jose Reinaldo Cavalho, Ma Jingpeng, Chris Mathlako, John Foster, Wang Dong, Paul Boccara, Sergio Ribeiro, Gyula Thurmer, George Pontikos, Osvaldo Silva


Which road for China?

ISBN 978-1-908315-08-3, 40 pages illustrated. Between August 7 and 19, a delegation of representatives from eight western European communist parties - including the CP Britain, visited China. The invitation came from the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), then celebrating the 90th anniversary of its foundation.

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BRS an introduction

BRS  an introduc 4f106a9664ca3This pamphlet published by the Morning Star provides an overview and introduction to some of the key concepts contained within the 8th Edition of the Communist Party's programme Britain's Road to Socialism. 

Featuring articles from Liz Payne (the bankruptcy of capitalism), John Foster (State-monopoly capitalism today), Mary Davis (the case for socialism), Robert Griffiths (the labour and progressive movements), Anita Wright (alternative economic and political strategy) and Gawain Little (winning state power and socialism) with a foreword by Morning Star editor Bill Benfield.

Communist Review No.61: Autumn 2011


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COVER STORY: Women, Class and the Commodification of Sex Mary Davis; 21st Century Vision Part 3 Roger Fletcher; Venezuelan CP and the Construction of Socialism International Department PCV; Crisis and the Intermediate Strata Peter Latham; Britain's Road to Socialism Debate Plus Reviews, Soul Food, Cartoons and much more.


Britain's Road to Socialism

ISBN 978-1-908315-05-2; 36 pages illustrated; 8th Edition; Published by the Communist Party. The new edition of Britain’s Road to Socialism, the Communist Party’s programme, adopted in July 2011; presents and analysis of capitalism and imperialism in its current form; answers the questions of how a revolutionary transformation might be bought about in 21st Century Britain; and what a socialist and communist society in Britain might look like.

The BRS was first published in 1951 after nearly six years of discussion and debate across the CP, labour movement and working class. Over its 8 editions it has sold more than a million copies in Britain and helped to shape and develop the struggle of the working class for more than half a century. Other previous editions of the BRS have been published in 1952, 1958, 1968, 1977, 1989 and 2000 as well as multiple substantially revised versions.

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Asia: Imperialism & Resistance

Asia: Imperialism & resistanceThis pamphlet by Kenny Coyle offers a concise overview of the historical development of imperialism as well as anti-imperialist and socialist revcolutions in South-East & East Asia.

In this current era of anti-imperialist politics and programmes that present tremendous opportunities and challenges to the peoples of Asia, Kenny Coyle considers the chances for advances and the continuing malign influence of British and US Imperialism in the region.

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