Worker's Brexit Now! Sticker

cpb brexit stickerSpread the word with this novelty sticker! Superbly designed by a Party comrade, this blue matt sticker features the words "Worker's Brexit Now!" in white letters. The square sticker measures 4" by 4". Learn more about the Communist Party of Britain's position in relation to Brexit

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the EU and Brexit Q&A

EU and Brexit QA The

A must have pamphlet for all comrades. Arm yourself with answers to common questions that are often raised. With the mass media spreading scare stories and dictating the everyday narrative with a neo-liberal agenda geared to a bogus Brexit or overturing it all together, here is the case for a people's Brexit.


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CR 90 - Winter 2018

CR 2018 Winter

Chile: Lesson of Popular Unity 1970-73 by Kenny Coyle; The People as the Subject of History by Luo Wendong; Casual Work by C Ritchie; A New Stage in Capitalism by Lars Ulrik Thomsen Pio Gama Pinto, Kenya's Unsung Martyr Review by Cyprian Fernandes; Maverick Spy Review by Graham Stevenson; Facing the Anthropocene Review by Martin Levy; Soul Food by Peter Raynard; Hazel Roberts Print Maker

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Imperialism's Crisis ...

Imperialisms Crisis is the Labour Movements Opportunity

The Communist Party of Britain held its 55th Congress in Croydon on November 17-18, 2018. This pamphlet features the main resolution as presented by the outgoing Executive Committee and amended by delegates in the course of debate. A full record of 55th Congress attendance, elections and resolutions will also be published.

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